The return of light

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Vikhona: Yes. [Elora: Can you give us a time frame for Earth?] I believe it will be approximately four to five weeks before this begins [i.e. about the first of December, 2004].


Elora: Can you give us any details of how this work will begin?


Vikhona: I am not on that particular Task Force, and so I do not know. We do not have quite as much of a group mind as the initial Light Warriors had, and so I am not able to see what everyone is doing. [Elora: You are more individuated?] Yes.


Elora: It appears to me that the second wave of Light Warriors have been progressing through the Universe with their net, scooping up huge numbers of Fallen and Dark Beings. We have seen these Beings fleeing through our airspace in the last two weeks, so to speak. It hasn't been a pretty picture, as the Dimensions near ours looked like something out of "Night on Bald Mountain". Things seem much more peaceful since the new group of Light Warriors arrived - would you agree?


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