The return of light

Vikhona: Yes, I am. [Elora

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Vikhona: Yes, I am. [Elora: Would it be correct to call you "Second Wave Light Warriors"?] That is a good description.


Elora: I saw six huge Second Wave Light Warriors guarding our Planet, one in each direction. They are each nearly as tall as the diameter of Earth. Is this correct?


Vikhona: That is correct. [Elora: Are they just guarding our Planet at this time?] Their primary purpose at this point is to guard, but they are also working with the magnetic energy fields of the planet. You might perceive, if you looked, a beam of energy coming out of each one's solar plexus to the Earth. It is penetrating to the core of the Earth and supporting and energizing this planet.


Elora: It appears that you are more powerful than the First Wave Light Warriors, and have some enhanced abilities. Would you comment on this please?


Vikhona: Yes, we are a magnitude of perhaps twelve times stronger. We typically appear larger in size, and as such all of our abilities are that much greater. [Elora: Do you believe that each "batch" that comes through will be stronger and more capable?] Yes.


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