The return of light

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Elora on the 6th October 2004: Heru, we would like to start by asking you to confirm several things that were told to me by Farwaren, who is a Member of the Godinj Collective, on Sunday night. First, Farwaren said that a large group of Helpers and Healers had come through the breach in the Great Wall and are in one of the safe areas, waiting for the time when they can be deployed to other areas. Is this correct?


Heru: Yes, indeed it is correct. The numbers would look large to you, but I would tell you that this is only the forerunner of what is to come. There are so many more waiting to come.


Elora: Next, she showed me that a vast wave of Light Warriors was about to move through the breaches in the Wall. They were still on the other side of the Wall, but shortly to pass through. The numbers that I could see were vast, uncountable. So many in fact, that it seemed that the Light Warriors currently in our Universe were only a small advance guard. Would you comment on this?


Heru: Yes, that is correct. As they come through in the next weeks and months, you will begin to see a great acceleration in the turning of the tide. I guess you could say it's at that tipping point right now, and when things first start to move it's slow but then it accelerates and accelerates more rapidly. And that is at hand.


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