The return of light

Heru: Yes, they are.   [Elora

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Heru: Yes, they are.


[Elora:] As the days passed, I continued to watch the Great Central Sun of our Universe. As the clouds of dust and debris cleared away, I was able to see that it had the form of a huge white lotus. The bud appeared to be closed, but very gradually began to open. In the early stages of this process, only a faint beam of pure white light was emitted from the nearly closed petals. Many Celestial Beings could be seen working with this Sun, which is definitely an ensouled Being. First I saw the Seraphim singing to this Being, using pure tones of sound to heal and awaken it. After a few days they were replaced by the five members of the Godinj Collective, who also used what we might call "sound therapy". At all times thousands of other Higher Dimensional Beings were gathered around, encircling this dramatic scene of restoration. Many appeared to be praying, and all watched with reverence and often with tears of joy. On September 14, 2004, we had occasion to speak to Kuthumi, one of Earth’s Ascended Masters. I asked Kuthumi for his perspective on the events occurring with the Great Central Sun of the Universe, remarking that it appeared to me like a lotus unfolding. He replied:


Kuthumi: This Sun has been in chains for many million and millions of years, and as such was never fully able to express its light and its glory. And yes, it is much like a flower unfolding, endlessly unfolding. What you are witnessing is the beginning of a beautiful process of infinite petals unfolding; and each petal that unfolds emits waves of Love and Light that stretch to the ends of the Universe. The lack of this Light has had a deleterious effect on every aspect of life in this Universe. And so this will be truly a dawning of a Golden Age. [Elora: The Being which ensouls the Central Sun - it is expressing itself through the form of the lotus? It's as though the lotus is its body?] Yes. It is a most magnificent Being; and there is an actual mechanism of creative energy that is expressed as this unfoldment takes place. It is lovely to behold.


[Elora:] About another week passed before the Great Central Sun became fully open. It appeared as a magnificent, radiantly white lotus with a multitude of petals. And then suddenly the Lotus appeared to become activated. Great, effulgent rays of golden-white Light poured from every petal, and filled the Universe with its glory. I could see Angels standing near the Sun in ecstasy, bathing themselves in the Light. I wish I could say that this Light penetrated everywhere. Alas, from what I could observe, not much of it reached the Lower Dimensions or Planets like ours which are imprisoned behind very dense Frequency Fences. Still, much of our Universe is now filled with the Light where darkness reigned, and the Light of the Creator is seen here once more.


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