The return of light

Heru: Yes.   Elora

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Heru: Yes.


Elora: On Sunday some debris was still present, but things seemed calmer. In fact, by Sunday evening, I felt a strong sensation of peace. In looking at the Great Central Sun of the Universe, I could see it more clearly, though there was still a lot of dust in the air. It also seemed that I could see three huge Light Beings hovering around the Great Central Sun. Did I see correctly?


Heru: Yes.


Elora:Who are these beings? Are they the Seraphim?


Heru: That would be the equivalent word in your language. These three Beings are basically the collective parent of the Being which ensouls the Central Sun of this Universe.


Elora: Is the Central Sun partially of the Dark?


Heru: It had been trapped for so long. It had resisted mightily, but was damaged. I can't say that it was corrupt, but much healing needs to happen, and will happen now.


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