The return of light

Heru: Yes, that is true.   Elora

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Heru: Yes, that is true.


Elora: On Friday night, it appeared that this creature had been broken up and destroyed. In fact, it seemed to have exploded; and a huge wave of dust, soot, ash, and debris was passing outward through the Universe. Is this correct?


Heru: Yes. [Elora: Did this explosion harm the regions around the Great Central Sun?] I don't really see anything of the Light that was harmed. There may have been Fallen Beings around it that were harmed, but I don't see any Light Beings having been harmed.


Elora: On Saturday, I strongly felt the effects of this Etheric wave of soot and dust. It felt to me as though the Inner Planes were choking with ash and smoke and grit.


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