The return of light

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Elora on the 6th October, 2004: In a conversation with Farwaren [one of the Members of the Godinj Collective] last night, she stated that she and her Twin Flame were going to conceive a child. This had not occurred yet, but would in the near future. With great emotion, Farwaren said that this child would be something like a Cosmic Avatar for this entire Universe. Is this correct so far?


Heru: We believe it to be so, yes.


Elora: She said that the child would be a singular soul, containing both male and female, and that it would be almost as if it would contain all the Light which has been drained from our Universe through these eons of darkness. Did I hear this correctly?


Heru: Yes, that is the intent and we feel confident that that will come to fruition. [Elora: Are you helping them?] Not directly, but I have lent some assistance.


Later that same day, we asked Prime Creator: We understand that Farwaren and her Twin are going to give birth to a Cosmic Avatar. Is this sort of thing going to occur in the other Universes?


Prime Creator: Something of an equivalent magnitude is left up to each group of Creator Gods that created each Universe - in what way they would express their newfound freedom and liberation. I believe this will not be the only expression in this Universe. There are a great many beautiful things to come about.


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