The return of light

Part 2 - The Liberation of The GODINJ Collective of Creator Gods

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Part 2 - The Liberation of The GODINJ Collective of Creator Gods


Heru has explained elsewhere that our Universe was created by a group of Creator Gods. This composite of Creator Gods was called The Godinj Collective. Some of these Beings fell, whereas others were chained by the Darkness. Of the composite, four remained, up until the first of September 2004.


Elora on the 2nd of September, 2004: Heru, I felt that something major happened last night, and that it had to do with Godinj Collective. Is this correct?


Heru: Yes. It is as if Godinj Collective has re-energized Itself and is sending out a renewed pulse of Creator God Energy for the restoration of this Universe. [Elora: How many Beings are still part of Godinj?] Four of the original Creator Gods, and they have added one new Being that was never there before. [Are the four original Beings two pairs of Twin Flames?] Yes.


Elora: It appeared to me that The Godinj Collective had been veiled or in chains; and had freed Itself and was sending out huge amounts of Light.


Heru: Yes, and part of that Light has been the incorporation of a fifth Creator God who was instrumental in freeing The Godinj Collective. There was somewhat of a rescue mission sent with the help of the Light Warriors, and one of the Beings involved in the Mission was this fifth Being. [Elora: Godinj was, in fact, trapped by the darkness?] Yes.


Elora: It looked to me as if a huge light was shining over the whole Universe on the Higher Dimensions. It appeared to light up Dimensions Five and above. And the Universe looked shabby, dirty, and bleak - like an old attic full of junk and cobwebs, where someone suddenly turns on a brilliant light. But this Light did also show up who was of the Dark and who wasn't and left few places to hide, except for the very lowest Dimensions. Is all of this basically correct?


Heru: Yes, it is. The Dark Beings will be attempting to hide wherever they can, but mostly below the Fifth Dimension. There is tremendous chaos on the Fourth Dimension right now, and this will continue for some time.


Elora: I also saw a huge battle raging over the entire Universe, and I heard the words, "Battle is joined." It looked like Armageddon. Is this correct, and if so can you give details?


Heru: Yes - this is it. The Light Warriors are unstoppable, and it is going faster than we had anticipated. It's good to see that for a change instead of all the endless delays.


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