The return of light

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Part 1 - The DARK GRIDS


Starting in June of 2004, Heru began showing us the Dark Grids which have been a major part of the controlling energy structures of this Fallen Universe. The first one to come to our attention was the Sixth Dimensional Grid. Heru explained that it was like a net covering a large portion of our Universe, and that it worked like a Frequency Barrier. Just as Earth has a Frequency Barrier around it which prevents the Light and higher energies from entering, similar structures have been set up for our Universe. We were then made aware of a similar grid on the Eleventh Dimension. As Heru has said, the Darkness in this Universe exists up through to the Eleventh Dimension. Finally, a third Grid existing on the Fourth Dimension encompassed Earth itself. Up until the Summer of 2004, it had not been possible for the Light Forces to affect or take down any of these controlling structures.


Tentative plans were laid for the Dark Grids to be burned with Cosmic fire. However, this would have resulted in the incineration of many Beings who were closely tied to the Grid. Instead, the Omniversal Energy was run through the Sixth Dimensional Grid, which almost seemed to be made of a hollow piping. This was followed by an assault by the Light Forces on the Eleventh Dimensional Grid, as well as on the Grid surrounding Earth. Over the Summer of 2004, large portions of all three Dark Grids were dismantled. The remaining portions will be taken down by the Light Warriors.


The Sixth Dimensional Grid looked like a huge net. Until recently it was covering 40% of our Universe, and growing. Heru said that the Hartmann Lines were a manifestation of this Grid, and that it affected "not only all the Dimensions below it, but all aspects of matter down to the sub-atomic particles, When someone says the stones cry out at the abuse of Earth, it is a literal thing. And that is also how the imprint of horrors, like the Holocaust in Germany, can be imprinted so deeply into the Earth, and be very hard to remove."


The breaking down of the Dark Grids is only one battle in a very large war which is being fought for the control of our Universe. It is unfortunate that, here on Earth, we cannot yet see for ourselves the great impact of all that is occurring. As of the Summer of 2004, every clear source that I read gives a time frame of about two years for the Great Shift to become apparent on Earth.


On June 11, 2004, we asked: Heru, we would like to check on the status of the Dark Grid on the Sixth Dimension. What is the timing for bringing it down?


Heru: It seems to be changing because it appears that this Grid is no longer Dark, and instead of being destroyed it has been transformed from within. The Omniversal Energy has infused it with great Light. Many of you have perceived unusual amounts of Dark Beings in unusual circumstances. This is due to the fact that Beings who have been wrapped around or hanging onto this Grid are fleeing like cockroaches. They are scurrying around madly trying to find new homes, and by and large they are unsuccessful. There is a great sweep-up happening, where armies of Light Beings are finding them and incarcerating them.


Many Beings in this Universe have cried out for freedom. It was this call from so many voices, including yours, that initiated the process of dismantling the Sixth Dimensional Grid. And it may not be in the words that you're putting it, but it is the heartfelt desire for true freedom. The dismantling of the Grid would have happened anyway, but it occurred much sooner and in a much gentler manner than would otherwise have been. Of course the experience was not gentle for the Beings who were hanging onto it - for them Armageddon is here. For Beings of Light, liberation is here.


[Elora:] When the Eleventh Dimensional Grid began to come down, starting on July 31, 2004, we could see great celebrations happening all over the Universe. It almost seemed as though the sun had come out for the first time in millions of years. From Higher Dimensional Planets, it was possible to perceive the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy for the first time in eons. Heru stated on August 1st that "It is a very joyous time; there are many celebrations happening today. Interestingly, with this Grid in place it was impossible to communicate between many different places in the Universe, and actually for this Universe to effectively communicate with the other Universes. So you would say the phone lines are very busy today with hellos and reunions, and catching up and celebrations."


Elora: From a conversation with Sananda in August, 2004: We've been told by Heru that the Eleventh Dimensional Dark Grid has essentially come down, as has the Sixth Dimensional Dark Grid. It also appears that the Dark Grid surrounding Planet Earth is in the process of crumbling. Is this correct?


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