The return of light

Elora: Why did Creator desire to make this Creation?   Heru

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Elora: Why did Creator desire to make this Creation?


Heru: To have a worthy “dance partner”; one that could receive fully the boundless love that Creator has, and one that was - as much as is possible - able to reflect all of the facets and gifts that Prime Creator has.


Elora: What is the overriding theme or intention of this Creation?


Heru: Beauty, harmony, rhythm, creativity, expansiveness, joy. When you look in this world at the great beauty and diversity of Nature, and you look at the nature of a fractal, and how incredibly gorgeous it is as it expands in its complexity, you will get a small taste of what Creator is trying to express.


Elora: What was the Creator's intention for all Beings, large and small, who would live within this Creation?


Heru: The highest wish of Prime Creator is that each individual life form or aspect of Creation would blossom fully outward in its expression to the pinnacle of its individual essence. And simultaneously, that it would have the awareness to look back at Source to know who it is and where it came from. The intention is to have a simultaneous full expression of Individuation, and full encompassing of Union with the Creator at the same time. Creation is designed so that anyone from a tiny insect to a Galaxy would have that ability.


Elora: Please discuss the communication and oneness between all Beings in an Unfallen Creation. For example, if I want to communicate with someone in another Universe, can I do that easily?


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