The release of the 7 trumpets “Silence from heaven for the space of a half of an hour”

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Silence from heaven for the space of a half of an hour”

In the last video I spoke about the timing of the start of a 2nd tier of the day and a month and a year and an hour of the 6th trumpet that began a couple days ago.

The hour of this 2nd tier identifies the timing of the 7th trumpet.

I also spoke about how the Most High has been letting loose small samples or precursors of the physical effects of the 1st six trumpets since weaving a tier of them into the beginning of His end time timeline.

The question that I did not address in this video is; if the 391 days of the 6th trumpet began and if the effects of the 6th trumpet follow the first 5 trumpets, then why hasn’t the great calamity of the 1st five trumpets been manifested to us yet?

The answer to this question is quite simple; it is because the Most High has condensed this time of affliction into a shortened period of time as part of His only begotten Son’s prophecy for the shortening of these days.

Therefore since these days continue to be shortened, the bulk of the calamity that is contained in them is going to overlap to some degree.

Concerning YEHWEH letting loose this time of trouble the revelations of His only begotten Son tells us;

Revelation 8


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