The Red River Between 1860 and 1870

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SS10 – Horizons Chpt 4 (4)

  • The Red River Between 1860 and 1870

The Red River Between 1860 and 1870

Directions: Read pages 155-162 in your text Horizons: Canada Moves West
1. On a separate piece of paper, provide definitions for the following terms;
Canada West -Upper Canada after the Act of Union in 1841

Orange Order -Protestants who are violently anti-French and anti-Catholic

dominion -a country that rules itself

diversity -to branch out

Land speculators -someone who buys and sells land for profit

munitions -military weapons, ammunition, and equipment

provisional government. -an emergency or interim government until elections can be held

2. On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions using COMPLETE


  1. How did the immigration of people like Dr. John Christian Schultz lead to tensions in the Red River? ( 2mks for details and examples)

He took over the only newspaper in the settlement and used it to champion Canadian interests by agitating the Metis. He made numerous public statements that promoted hatred against the Metis. He also started up the Canadian Party which he hoped would gain control of the settlement.

  1. In your own words, describe why the new Canadian government wanted to buy Rupert’s Land from the HBC and why you think this would upset the Metis? ( 2 mks for quality of description and inclusion of details)

Sir John A. Macdonald was interested in creating a dominion of Canada stretching from sea to sea. It upset the Metis because they were not consulted and yet had been living on the land for numerous years. In fact, the land had been parcelled out to them, yet the HBC was able to sell it out from under them.

  1. Who was Louis Reil and what did he do to help the Metis cause? (2 mks for quality of description and details)

Louis Riel was a young (24) Metis lawyer who left the Red River settlement to be educated in Quebec. When he returned to the settlement, he assumed the role of the leader of the Metis. He led the Metis fight for land and government against the Canadian government.

  1. Who was Thomas Scott and how did his death help or hurt the Metis cause? (2 mks for explanation and details)

Thomas Scott was a member of the Canadian Party. He was arrested by the provisional government and imprisoned. He loudly publicized his anti-Metis views, verbally and physically abused his guards, and threatened the life of Louis Riel. He was executed by firing squad by Riel’s provisional government. His execution transformed him into a Protestant martyr, and the Orange order sought revenge for his execution. They convinced the Canadian government to see justice and retribution, which hurt the Metis. The Canadian government would not recognize the provisional government, and sent an army to keep peace until a PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT could be instituted.

  1. Look at the anti-Reil Poster on page 161 of your text. Create your own pro-Metis or anti-Canadian poster that promotes the Metis cause.

You will receive 10 marks for the quality of work, evidence of effort and your poster’s ability to address the concerns of the Metis.

Total: ____/ 25

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