The realtor Code of Ethics Quadrennial Member Education Program Copyright, 2000 National Association of realtors

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The Code of Ethics

Your Promise of Professionalism
The REALTOR Code of Ethics
Quadrennial Member Education Program

Copyright, 2000

National Association of REALTORS

Overview Of This Course For The Facilitator

This course is based on instructional concepts designed to reach adult learners, grounded in the central principle that different people learn differently. The format and structure, then, depends on a variety of learning techniques to a) reach different types of learners, b) add variety and interest and c) involve learners in participatory exercises to introduce concepts and have participants practice concepts introduced in other formats.

You will see the course includes short (emphasis on short!) lecturettes, group discussions and case studies. The participatory exercises can be used in a variety of ways. All are conducive to group work, but most can also be done individually with townhall feedback discussions.
This manual corresponds exactly to the content of the participant materials. Comments for facilitators appear on the left side pages and participant materials appear on the right side pages. Participants will have only the right side pages which should be numbered in the same sequence as the facilitator’s guide. You can use this facilitator guide as a reference to the answers to the participatory exercises and as a guide to the concepts discussed in the participant materials. You may also want an exact copy of the participant materials with you at all times in the class, so you can be familiar with the format of the participant materials.
This course is designed for 3 hours of instruction to meet standards for continuing education credit in many states. In addition to three hours of instruction, two short breaks, not more than fifteen minutes each, may be appropriate. If you find that there is too much material to be presented in 3 hours or if you choose to present the material in the NAR minimum instructional time of 2.5 hours, you may use some of the exercises as subsequent “reference” tools. If you use this technique, we suggest you give the participants the answers to the “reference” exercises so that they can understand the exercises on their own. A chart reflecting approximate time to be spent on each section appears in Appendix A. The approximate time is also noted in each section for the facilitator.
This course is copyrighted by the National Association of REALTORS for use by REALTORS and member associations. When these materials are copied and/or distributed, the materials must indicate that the materials are copyrighted by the National Association of REALTORS.
Comments or questions about the license and use of these materials, can be directed to the National Association of REALTORS.

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