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I am one of the many “victims” of the ignorance in power. A victim of rumors, the source of simplistic condemnations, without listening, without investigation, without noting any offence. The victim of these dark minds that spread the wind of fear and doubt in their wake. All too quickly, hell closed in on me, my family, my children, my association activities, my professional career…

And I finally determined the identity of this hellish power:
RDDP! Rumor – (D) Misinformation - Diabolization - Penalization…

That is how, knowingly, these pressure groups, spearheaded by the UNADFI (union nationale des associations de defense des familles et de l’individu), can force children to be separated from their parents, drive honest citizens to suicide, families in distress to murder, attacks and kidnapping. They spread an atmosphere of hatred, aggression and fear. Today, with hundreds of other victims of this intolerance, I have decided to testify, to cry shame to this French society which still dares hypocritically to consider itself the guarantor of freedom and brotherhood and points to China as an example of intolerance. This society which, under the impact of the anti-sect lobby, acknowledges the public utility of associations whose only purpose is to discredit those "who do not think according to the norm"!

Today, the fact that I have been responsible for a philosophical association listed in the Parliamentary report of 1996 bars and has barred for several years all contact with my children, any career progress. This list has darkened my life and that of those in my surroundings and I will fight it with strength and with the help of Omnium des Libertes, which I joined in 1996. These conclusions should nevertheless not lead us to pessimism, which would play into the hand of those who, consciously or not, fight freedom of thought and lead us to inertia. On the contrary, we are up against a challenge obliging us to fight each in our way by providing information, by expressing constantly our disapproval of this “intolerance of recognized public utility". Silence would help the dark ignorance now in power...

So we call on all French citizens who are aware of this spirit of inquisition to "join the resistance”. To remain independent and to exist we will need to resist. Resisting means confronting the opponent with his contradictions and we are aware that creative and peaceful resistance is fully accepted by society if it helps improve tolerance.

But above all we need to obtain respect for our basic freedoms - therapeutic, of thought, association, etc. - and assert our values. We need to disseminate our discoveries in order to help society to advance. We need to transform fear and its consequences into friendly attention.

To do so, we need to have the authority to make aware, to inspire and to make responsible.

We need to create synergies between our networks, Omnium des Libertes, Coordination des Associations et Particuliers pour la Liberte de conscience (CAP) and other existing individual or structural initiatives and avoid falling into criticism of other actions, philosophies and methods.

In the final analysis these initiatives are our only real remedy, a center for resources and support to bring out the truth by means of dialogue and a spirit of brotherhood. The witch-hunt is prospering due to indifference and passiveness. We are now reversing the curve, awareness of the importance of intolerance is growing, the defenders of obscurantism are shifting from attack to defense while the seekers of truth no longer stand up to defend and explain but to fight soulless normalization, corruption and crooked deals.

However, this curve is only in its beginning and we need to give it momentum and to continue informing our fellow citizens about the actions of the anti-sects and get them sentenced whenever they violate the law. We need to denounce the abuses of these pressure groups, which can destroy lives and cause suicide by rumor. We must constantly show our disapproval and our determination to refuse their actions, their intolerance, even if they claim not so. Today, the facts speak from themselves! Do we have the right to wait passively to be sentenced to following mainstream thought? Yes, this is a serious situation. Our freedom is suspended…

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