The rddp club : Rumor – (D) Misinformation – Diabolization Penalization

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As this study shows, these players and associations, which some refer to as “secticides”, are behind phone tapping and intelligence networks whose only purpose is to use slander and rumors to discredit any group or individual who deviates too much from the norm of our consumption society and who casts little or much doubt on our economic system or mainstream thought. These standardization players point an accusing finger at every group urging us to take our destiny in our own hands, to increase our independence, to act freely and according to the dictates of our conscience in ways taking us beyond the generally accepted framework.

In the eighties and nineties I and several other researchers endeavored to suggest to ADFI (association pour la defense des familles et de l’individu) and likeminded groups to fight a more objective fight and to distinguish between dangerous movements subject to the criminal code and frankly humanitarian and philosophical groups with respect for human dignity in order to show them as alternative searchers for the truth. At the time I unfortunately did not understand what I was up against and the hidden stakes of these pressure groups. Naively, I believed I was dealing with mistaken souls. I finally realized they were pursuing destructive purposes intended only to destroy what was opposed to established, convenient morality. Thus, when a group casts doubt upon vaccinations or supports alternative medicine, practices sophrology, chiropractic or even homeopathy - called "magic voodoo" by one of the secticide "experts"-, or uses astrology or teaches reincarnation… it becomes automatically suspect and labeled dangerous.

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