The rddp club : Rumor – (D) Misinformation – Diabolization Penalization

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The RDDP club : Rumor – (D) Misinformation – Diabolization - Penalization

Thierry Becourt,

Chairman, Institut de Psychanimie*

*Psychanimie: psychology inspired by theosophical writings.

A wind of intolerance is blowing in France

A wind of intolerance is blowing in France, which reminds us of the darkest periods in our history. The spectrum of Vichy (NdT : the French Government under Hitler’s occupation) is watching us… This state-led intolerance in the country of "human rights" marks the beginning of genuine erosion of freedom, the freedom of thought which, if we cease to be vigilant, will open the door to a totalitarian state.

In the seventies, many people joined associations, groups and press institutions to make the fight against sects their hobbyhorse. We are now obliged to note that this horse conceals a fanatic ideology, the source of a genuine inquisition. Forgetting that every human being should be checked by conscience, these pressure groups, driven by the certainty of being in the right and fighting for Truth, have forged a propaganda machine akin with the worst totalitarian states.

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