The “Quiet Revolution”: Quebec in the 1960s General Info

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The “Quiet Revolution”: Quebec in the 1960s

1. General Info

a) When Duplessis died his Union Nationale government was replaced by Jean Lesage and the Liberals.

b) Lesage is in power from 1960-1966.

c)This is considered the beginning of the Quiet Revolution in Quebec.

d) The Quiet Revolution was basically major changes in the social, economic, and political aspects of Quebec society.

e) The slogan for this time period is “Maitre Chez Nous” or “Masters of our own House”

2. Economy Definitions:

a) Nationalization: A company that used to be owned and controlled by people that is then controlled by the government. Ex: Hydro Quebec

b) Crown Corporation: A company owned by the government. Ex: Export Development Canada or Bank of Canada.

3. Economic Policies:

a) Quebec needs to take back control of their economy from the United States.

b) Direct intervention: Companies were “nationalized” and Crown Corporations were established.

c) The LABOUR CODE was developed to facilitate bargaining between the government, the unions and the workers.

4. Culture during the Quiet Revolution

a) The development of French Canadian Nationalism and a Quebecois identity.

b) The Quebec that came out during the Quiet Revolution was a province with a strong identity.

c) Some people saw Quebec as a nation with a distinct culture and language.

They began to question the place of Quebec within Canada.

d) In 1968 The Parti Quebecois was formed in the province.

They were a political party who wanted political independance for Quebec from Canada. This is also known as the movement for Quebec sovereignty.

e) People against separation are known as federalists

f) Why separation? Sovereignists believe that it is the best way to defend the economic, political, and cultural interests of the French Canadian Nation.
5. Other changes

a) Education: Gov’t takes control. Ministry of Education created and school made compulsory Gov’t takes control of the healthcare system. Medicare free for all citizens. Quebec Pension Plan introduced to help those over 65.

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