The Punic Wars: The Wars that Made Rome

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WHI.6 Rome- Part 2

The Punic Wars: The Wars that Made Rome

Between the years 264 BC and 146 BC Rome fought three wars against a country named Carthage, their rival neighbor to the south across the Mediterranean Sea. These wars are called The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars

The main reason for these wars was that both Rome and Carthage were both growing and competing for control over the Mediterranean region

Both sides want to be able to control territory and trade all around the Mediterranean

In the first Punic War Rome and Carthage fought over Sicily (the soccer ball island that the Italian boot is kicking) Result: Rome Wins

In the second Punic War, Carthage invaded Rome for payback. A Carthaginian general named Hannibal invaded Italy by going over the Alps with elephants. However, it's not enough. Result: Rome Wins

In the third Punic War, Rome takes it to Carthage, aiming to wipe them off the map. The city is eventually destroyed by the Romans, and the ground is salted so nothing can ever grow there again. Result: Rome Wins

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