The Puerto Rico Education Project

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The Puerto Rico Education Project

System Development In An Island Paradise

Prepared by Bruce Rollier

Tom Ballard gazed out at the beautiful San Juan skyline for several minutes, letting his thoughts roam through the memories of pleasant dinners under the stars and weekends snorkeling in crystal clear waters. Then he forced himself to close the blinds so he could focus his attention on the critical situation he faced. The project that had begun just a year ago with such promise had become a near-disaster. His most important task was to reorganize the project and get it back on track, but an even more immediate problem was the dinner meeting he had called for 8 p.m., about an hour from now. Almost all of the project employ­ees and their spouses would be there; in fact, the only ones not attending were the just-deposed project manager, Gary Johnson, and his wife, Teresa, who were on a plane heading for Washington, D.C. Most of those attending the dinner would be angry with Tom, with Gary, and with the company. Ballard had one hour to decide how to respond to their anger.

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