The Psalms of David

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What verses 40 - 55 mean

These verses look back to when Israel was in Egypt. God did two things there:

   ·   He sent 10 *plagues to make the King of Egypt (Pharaoh) let God’s people go free

   ·   He led his people through the Red Sea and the *desert to the land he had promised them

In verses 44 - 51 are 6 of the 10 *plagues. A *plague is when something bad happens to a group of people. Here is where you can find them in the Bible. The other 4 are also in the list.





Where to Find



water to blood

Exodus 7:17-21; Psalm 105:29




Exodus 8:1-7;     Psalm 105:30



*lice (insects)

Exodus 8:16-19; Psalm 105:31




Exodus 8:20-24; Psalm 105:31



cows died

Exodus 9:1-7




Exodus 9:8-12



*hail and storm

Exodus 9:18-26; Psalm 105:32




Exodus 10:1-20; Psalm 105:34




Exodus 10:21-29; Psalm 105:28



death of first sons

Exodus 11 and 12; Psalm 105:36


Pharaoh would not let God’s people go. God sent these 10 *plagues to make Pharaoh let God’s people go, verses 43-51. Then God took them to the *holy land, a Bible name for the country of Israel, verses 52-55. But verse 42 tells us that "they chose not to remember what he did". This made God very sad, verse 40, and *unhappy, verse 41.

The *Israelites In The *Holy Land

Psalm 78: 56 - 64

v56    But (the *Israelites *tested God *Most High and fought against him.
     Also, they did not obey his *laws.

v57    They turned away and did not keep the *covenant, like their fathers.
     They were like a bow that would not shoot straight!

v58    They made him angry with their high places
       and their *idols made him *jealous.

v59    When God heard this, he was angry
       and he stopped giving them help completely.

v60    He left his house (the *tent) at Shiloh,
       the place where he had lived on earth.

v61    He gave his power and his *glory
       to the enemy for them to keep.

v62    He let the *sword kill his people,
       he was so angry with them.

v63    The fire (of war) ate their young men
       and the young girls did not hear music (when they married).

v64    The *sword killed their *priests
       and their wives could not cry for them.

What verses 56 - 64 mean

In verses 9-31, we read about God’s people Israel (the *Israelites) in the *desert. They were coming from Egypt to the *holy land. In verses 40-55, we read about the *plagues that God used to get them out of Egypt. Now in verses 56-64, we read about Israel (the people) in Israel (the land). They turned away from God and did not obey him. They were *like "a bow that did not shoot straight", verse 57. A bow like this is not good. So, the people of Israel were not good. Instead of loving and *worshipping God in his house in Shiloh, they loved *idols instead. They put these *idols on high hills, where they *worshipped them, verse 58. Shiloh was a place about 30 kilometres north of Jerusalem. They kept the *ark there. The *ark was a box. They kept the *covenant-rules in it. But God was so angry because of their *idol *worship that he:

   ·   went away from the house that they had made him at Shiloh

   ·   did not give them any more help

   ·   gave the *ark (his power and *glory) to their enemy, the Philistines

   ·   let the enemy kill many of the people of Israel

The story about this is in I Samuel 4 and 5. The wife of a *priest had a baby when the Philistines took the *ark of God. She called the baby Ichabod. This is a *Hebrew word that meant "the *glory is gone". She meant that the *ark of God was gone! In verse 63, "ate" means "killed them by burning them to death".

God Makes Judah Leader Instead Of Ephraim

Psalm 78: 65 - 72

v65    Then the *Lord woke up as from sleep.
     He was like a strong man shouting after (drinking) *wine.

v66    He beat his enemies so that they went away.
     He did this so that they would always be ashamed.

v67    Also, he decided not to let the people of Joseph (continue as leaders).
     And he no longer chose the *tribe of Ephraim.

v68    But he chose the *tribe of Judah.
     *Mount Zion (was there), which he loved.

v69    (There) he built a *temple to live in *like his home in *heaven.
     He made it so that it would always be there, *like the earth.

v70    Also, he chose David his servant
       and he took him away from the sheep farm.

v71    (He took him) from feeding sheep
       and brought him to be *shepherd of his people *Jacob,
       those in Israel that were his.

v72    And so David, with his honest heart, was their *shepherd.
     He knew how to lead them.

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