The political power of cordoba

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1. Research
To start the research they were visited the Three Cultures Museum in the Calahorra Tower. This emblematic place served to clarify the contents and to define the topic of the activity. In the Museum they knew the political thinking of the three most important thinkers from the three cultures in Al-Andalus: Alfonso X, Maimonides and Averroes. They were inspired to organize the development of the activity.

They also used the bibliography resources of our library and internet to look for more information about political thinking of Averroes, Maimonides and Alfonso X.

2. Debriefing
a. Description of the process of the group

When the group started to work, were afraid of the amount of resources. The time was very short and the topic was very wide. It was difficult to define the aim of the activity.


  • Politics

  • Woman

  • Religion

  • Three cultures

The visit in the city helped the group to define the topic of the activity: “The three main thinkers – Averroes, Maimonides, Alfonso X – and their political vision.”

Methodology: ARC (Catalan word for Arch)
Analize the Past

Reflect about the Present

Create a Future togeher
The importance of the Arch is it role in the architecture; it holds the weight of the building. This acronym holds the weight of the activity.

The arch is symbolic in every culture as well as in the Al-Andalus Culture.

It has to be pointed out that there was a problem in defining what is politic.
b. Presentation of the Aims and if they were reached.

  • To make a reflection about the common values in the three cultures.

  • To learn to connect the past with the present and the future.

  • To create intercultural learnining, with each other and from each other.

c. Feeling of the organizers of the activity

We were feeling afraid. It was necessary to create a team. For some of the participants it was difficult to relay on the group (mainly for the control-freaks). From three little groups they turn into one.

One of the fears was communication problems: mainly English and nones mother tongue. This was the most difficult part, the beginning of the process. And this caused stress among the participants.

Due to the huge amount of materials, there was a bit frustration because of the fear of not to get to transmit the subjects.

The preparation took a lot of negotiations due to personal characteristic rather than cultural differences.

There was fun in the preparation, learning from each other, how to work with everybody and learning new methods one from the other.

The creation is good because it can be seen that everybody has give something for the activity.
d. Technicalities

  • The theme, Political Power, was expressed in different ways during the activity.

  • It was a pleasure to take part in the process of the activity.

  • The introduction of elements of present in the conversation of the past was new, very good and useful to work with youth.

  • The activity managed to interact the participants along the whole activity.

Weak points

  • There was a lack of connection between the work that was done and the theme of Political Power.

  • The theme was treated in an idealistic form, focusing only in positive things.

  • The activity transmit the philosophy of the Thinkers, but not the Power.

  • There was a contradiction between the words of the Thinkers and the hierarchy ruling.

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