The Periodic Table (C. 5AB) Pre-Assessment Results Name: blake bilbrey Score

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Click on Metalloids to answer these questions.

a. On your periodic table, draw the black stair-step line that distinguishes metals from nonmetals.

b. Metalloids have properties of both ________ and _____________.

c. Define semiconductor ___________________________________.

d. Name two metalloids that are semi-conductors. ____________and __________.

e. This property makes metalloids useful in ____________and ______________.

17. Click in Nonmetals to answer these questions.

a. What are the group numbers? ___________ through ____________

b. List four characteristics of ALL nonmetals. ______________________________

c. What two states of matter do nonmetals exist in at room temperature?


d. The nonmetals have no _______________and do not ____________________.

e. What are the oxidation numbers of the nonmetals? _______________________


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