The Periodic Table (C. 5AB) Pre-Assessment Results Name: blake bilbrey Score

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Click on Alkaline Earth Metals (left bar) and answer these questions.

a. What is the group number? __________

b. Are these metals reactive? __________

c. Do these metals occur freely in nature? ____________

d. How many electrons are in their outer shell? _________ (Hint: It’s the same as their oxidation

number or group number.)

14. Click on Transition Metals (left bar) and answer these questions.

a. How many elements are in this group? ____________

b. What are the group numbers? __________ through _______

c. What are valence electrons? ________________

d. Because the valence electrons are present in more than one _____________ transition metals

often exhibit several common __________________.

e. Name the three elements in this family that produce a magnetic field. _________,

__________, and __________.


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