The Peace Priest: The peace of God be with you all. People: In God’s justice is our peace

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Eucharistic Liturgy – Justice & Reconciliation

TPLWG 28th August 2003



The Peace


Priest: The peace of God be with you all.

People: In God’s justice is our peace.


Priest: E te whanau/Brothers and sisters,

Christ calls us to live in unity.

People: We seek to live in the Spirit of





The Great Thanksgiving

Priest: The Spirit of God be with you.

People: And also with you.



Priest: Lift your hearts to heaven

People: Where Christ in glory reigns.


Priest: Let us give thanks to God.

People: It is right to offer thanks and


Priest: We rejoice in God’s justice.

People: In God we find reconciliation.



Priest: God of justice in community,

from the beginning you are faithful and true.

People: Praise to you, unchanging God!

Priest: Your word in every age

calls your people to turn
from hatred and abuse,

cruelty and oppression,

to reconciliation with one another

and with you.

People: Praise to you, merciful God!

Priest: you challenge those who deny

anyone a place at your table.

As we gather for this holy meal,

we rejoice in your love,

which embraces all people.

And so we praise you, as we say/sing:

People: Holy God, holy and merciful, holy

and just,

Glory and goodness come from you.

Glory to you, most high and gracious God.



Priest: In the face of opposition and rejection,

in the city whose name is “Peace”,

in the midst of disloyalty, betrayal and denial

Jesus met to eat with his disciples.

He took bread;

when he had given you thanks,

he broke it, gave it to his disciples, and said:

Take, eat, this is my body

which is given for you;

Do this to remember me.

After supper he took the cup,

when he had given you thanks,

he gave it to them and said:

Drink this, all of you,

for this is my blood of the new covenant

which is shed for you, and for many,

for the forgiveness of sins;

do this as often as you drink it,

to remember me.

Therefore, God of justice,

in the suffering and death of Jesus,

your mercy is revealed.

We lift up the cup of salvation

and call upon your name.

Here and now, with this bread and wine,

we celebrate your great acts of reconciliation,

ever present and living in Jesus Christ,

crucified and risen,

who was and is and is to come.


People: Amen! Come Lord Jesus.



Priest: Empower our celebration with your Holy Spirit

feed us with your life,

fire us with your love,

confront us with your justice,

and make us one in the body of Christ

with all who share your gifts of love.


People: Through Christ,

In the power of the Holy Spirit,

With all who stand before you

In earth and heaven,

We worship you, Creator God. Amen.

Post Communion sentence:
What does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God
Micah 6,8




Priest: God is holy

God is just

People: Truth and justice come from you.

Priest: God is holy

God is hope

People: Love and mercy come from you.

Priest: God is holy

God is One

People: Grace and peace, your gift to us.

Priest: The blessing of……..


Note: The following might be suitable readings when this theme is used:


Isaiah 5:8-30, 11:1-9, 32:1-8, Chapter 59, 65:20-23

The Magnificat

Matthew 25:31-46

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