The Past Matters Today The West Virginia Statewide

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The West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) would like to thank all of the people who helped in the formulation of this plan. SHPO is especially thankful for our local organizers and volunteers. In a state separated by distance and divided by mountains, these volunteers were essential to the planning process. Recognition is also given to the various historical societies, historic landmark commission, and historic preservation groups whose members are on the front line of historic preservation and work miracles across the state. These bands of dedicated volunteers provided important and valuable observations about the state of historic preservation in West Virginia. SHPO appreciates our statewide partners, such as the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia, Main Street West Virginia, the Council for West Virginia Archaeology, and the West Virginia Archaeological Society. As the strongest and most diligent advocates for historic preservation in our state, they provided frank assessments and identified the major areas that this plan should address. Additionally, SHPO would like to thank the citizens of West Virginia for their input into this process. From across the state, West Virginians provided insight and showed concern for historic resources. Finally, SHPO is grateful to Patricia Pitrolo of Bradley Strategies, LLC., who moderated the statewide meetings and compiled the resulting information.

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