The participants to this game may be classified into direct and indirect participants

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The participants to this game may be classified into direct and indirect participants.

The game will be very entertaining consisting of two teams (indirect participants) that will be represented by two characters (direct participants): the positive character – the hero, and the negative character – the vampire.

The two teams will have to encourage and give instructions to their own team representatives. These can only be done in the target language.

The game is based on the following scenario: a bad bloody vampire has kidnapped the princess and he locked her in one of his dark palaces; the vampire wants to her to join him into his immortal life by simply biting her from the neck.

The prince, the positive hero, has to come to save her before it is too late. To do this, he has to face the vampire and his fellows that will try everything to prevent him from entering the palace and save his beloved princess.


1. Giving/getting directions;

2. Understanding and performing tasks after getting instructions;

3. Introducing oneself;

4. Practicing affirmative and negative imperative;

The Princess has been kidnapped by Dracula who keeps her in a hidden palace. Prince Charming has to rescue her, but in order to find the castle he has to cross the chess maze safely.

Level 1.

Dracula, the Witch and the Dragon are waiting for him to come closer in order to grab and destroy him.

Level 2.

Dracula chases Prince Charming all over the field trying to get close to him. When he manages to get into any of the squares next to the Prince’s, he can capture and destroy him.


General rule: Characters can be moved any direction (forwards, backwards, laterally), except for the diagonal lines.

Level 1

Prince Charming

1. He can be moved any direction, one square only, but he must not come closer than one square away from his enemy and his helpers.

2. He enters the chess maze one side of the field and has to leave it exactly the opposite one.
Dracula and his helpers (the Witch and the Dragon)

1. They are placed in the field by the Game Master according to the pre-established positions (B4, E7, G3; B7,D3, G6; B5, E7, G3);

2. At the beginning they are not allowed to leave their square. They wait for Prince Charming to come closer.

3. If he comes one square close to any of them, they can move one square, capture and destroy him.

Level 2

Prince Charming
1. He can enter the chess maze any side of the field

he wants. He makes the first move.

2. He can be moved any direction, one or two squares each time.

3. He has to leave the field safe, exactly the opposite side.

1. He must enter the chess maze the side opposite to

the one used by Prince Charming.

2. He can be moved any direction, but only one square each time.

3. If he manages to reach any square next to the

Prince’s, he can capture and destroy him.


Preparatory stage

The teacher teaches the students the main vocabulary issues. First, he utters the directions and executes them himself, immediately after that, acting as a model.

Then, he performs the same/similar movements by physically moving one of the students around according to the directions being said.

The same procedure can be followed two or three times. After that, the teacher asks one of the students to replace him and perform the same activity accompanied by one of his colleagues.

The following directions will be used:
Go ahead! Go back! Turn left/right! Don’t turn

left / right! Stop! Don’t stop! One step forwards / backwards! Two steps forwards/backwards!
A flip chart with written and illustrated directions

can be used, in case some of the students might forget

them during the game.

The Rehearsal
The teacher and some of the students will simulate some of the movements and the dangerous situations to give an example to the participants in the game.
The Game
The group of students is divided into two equal teams. One team will be on the side of the positive character of the game and the other one the negative ones. Roles will be changed after each game.

The two teams decide the number of games they are going to play. Then, the teacher asks each team to select their representatives according to the level of the game.

Level 1:

Team A will select Prince Charming and a Captain. The Captain is going to give directions and Prince Charming will follow them.

Team B will select three representatives to act the roles of the bad characters.
Level 2:

Each team selects two players. Team A: the Captain and Prince Charming. Team B: the Captain and Dracula. Each captain will direct the movements of his player.

The teacher introduces himself as the Game Master, and the other characters of the game: Prince Charming, Dracula, the Witch and the Dragon:

May I introduce myself? I am the Game Master. I rule the game. This is count Dracula and his friends, the Witch and the Dragon.

Dracula, the Witch and the Dragon receive the corresponding masks from the Game Master.

The Game Master asks each of the characters to

put on their masks and introduce themselves. They may say: I am count Dracula and I am a vampire. I am the Dragon and I am very hungry, etc.

The Game Master invites each actor to play his/her role, taking care that exactly each character follows the rules of the game. He can stop the game any time he considers it necessary.

The two teams can help the captains direct their players and encourage them during the game. Roles will be changed after each game. The winning team is considered to be the one that manages to direct their player to cross first the chess maze safely more times.





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