The Orange Order in World War I

Kirkdale’s Glory LOL 113 (Liverpool)

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Kirkdale’s Glory LOL 113 (Liverpool)

H Millington, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Livingstone, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

W H Clarke

W Major

T Nuttall

G Ralinson

T Eden

J Hayhurst

H Davidson

Royal Standard LOL 787 (Liverpool)

T R Price, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

James McIntosh, Royal Navy

T Stanaway, Royal Navy

Johnson’s True Blues LOL 244 (Liverpool)

Samuel Mitchell, Royal Engineers

William Aldridge, Royal Naval Volunteers

James Stephenson, Liverpool Merchants’ Mobile Hospital, France

Royal Arch Purple Heroes LOL 581 (Liverpool)

J G Paris, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

F Allan, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

G Maylor, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Allan, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

R Lyness, Loyal North Lancs

W Brayton, South Lancs

J Mevells, South Lancs

E Adgey, 16th Battalion, Cheshires

J Wallace, Black Watch

J Johnstone, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

I Slater, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

R Bond, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

I Houghton, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

R Bellis, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

I Bellis, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

S Cregeen, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

B Hughes, Royal Field Artillery

J Joynson, Royal Field Artillery

F Lambert, Royal Field Artillery

W Hathaway

W Hampson

G Purnell

W Gordon

W Jordan

J Taylor

J Bushell

E Bushell

J Welsby

T Swale

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