The Orange Order in World War I

Excelsior LOL 57 (Liverpool)

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Excelsior LOL 57 (Liverpool)

Thomas Wray, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William H Kelly, 9th Battalion, King’s

Harry Morse, 9th Battalion, King’s

Joseph Ismay, 9th Battalion, King’s

Peter Morris, 9th Battalion, King’s

Arthur Britz, 9th Battalion, King’s

John Swinnerton, 9th Battalion, King’s

William Ledson, 9th Battalion, King’s

Thomas McClelland, Loyal North Lancs

Robert McKenzie, Loyal North Lancs

Thomas Moore, 2nd Life Guards

Harry Roberts, South Wales Borderers

John Roberts, South Wales Borderers

Henry Fearon, Inniskilling Fusiliers

William Oliver, Royal Field Artillery

Henry Russell, 1st West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery

F Johnston, Lord Derby’s Artillery

John McClelland, National Reserve

John Russell, Engineers

James Sill, RAMC

John W Taylor, Army Service Corps

John Williams
Sons of Derry LOL 695 (Liverpool)

George Winrow, King’s Liverpool

L G Brennan, Black Watch

James Scott, National Guard

Charles Whiteway, National Guard

Robert Erskine, National Guard

L G Brennan, Black Watch

Heroes of the Boyne LOL 61 (Liverpool)

Seth Ormondy, 5th King’s Liverpool Regiment

James Bethell, 2nd South Lancashire

Thomas Windermere, 2nd South Lancashire

William Bell, 3rd South Lancashire

Thomas Hannah, 16th Battalion, Cheshires

Robert Hannah, 16th Battalion, Cheshires

John Stringfellow, Palatine Artillery

Edward Jones, Army Service Corps

J G Owens, Royal Navy

Sam Irvine, Royal Navy

Thomas Ramsey, Royal Navy

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