The Orange Order in World War I

Hearts of Oak LOL 1 (Liverpool)

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Hearts of Oak LOL 1 (Liverpool)

William Tart, Liverpool “Pals”

Joseph Murphy, Liverpool “Pals”

T Watts, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

G Clague, ASC

W Cooke, Ulster Division

E Birkett, Ulster Division

B McDonald, Ulster Division

W Hemphill, Ulster Division
The Rising Sons of William LOL 2 (Liverpool)

David McCoy

James Musker

Joshua Robinson

Belfast Patriotic LOL 3 (Liverpool)

William McCleary, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

William McKenzie, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

George Dixon, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

Robert Jackson, Ulster Volunteers

Stewart Donaghy

Thomas Scott

Edward Howe

Joseph Carroll
Sons of the Boyne LOL 28 (Liverpool)

William Bredin, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Thomas Johnson, Scots Guards

James Blython, 5th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Frank Adams, Royal Field Artillery

Frederick Edwards, Royal Field Artillery

George Haver, Naval Reserve

William Crosse, Naval Reserve

Thomas Tobias, Naval reserve

Charles Hardman

William Adams

Herbert Adams

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