The Orange Order in World War I

Rising Sons of India LOL 703

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Rising Sons of India LOL 703, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: William Windrum, D Company, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.

Sec: Samuel Mullen, Signallers, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.
(This lodge was in existence before the War, and had been stationed in India and Burma.)
Pride of Armagh LOL 839, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Sergeant David Wilson.

Sec: Sergeant G A Williams.
This lodge was in the Royal Irish Rifles.
4th Canadian, East Belfast Volunteers LOL 859, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Lieutenant Bennett, Canadian Contingent.

Sec: Private W J Mountain, Canadian Contingent.
This lodge has a surprising name, seeming to be composed of Canadian soldiers, yet also incorporating “East Belfast Volunteers.” There may be a story here that would merit research, or it may be merely a mis-print. The following year the lodge was shown to be in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
By arrangement” LOL 860, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Lieutenant J T O’Neill, Ulster Division.

Sec: Rifleman I Browne, A Company, 8th Battalion, Irish Rs

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