The Orange Order in World War I

Pride of Walton LOL 258 (Liverpool)

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Pride of Walton LOL 258 (Liverpool)

T Jones, Royal Navy

T Leeson, Royal Navy

G F Deacon

E George

J H Owens

J Davies

J Anthony

W Spencer

Allan McDougall

A Cole

E Steen

H Lewis

T Walker

J Owens

J Campbell

R Proctor

J Sharples

W Rogers

J Hughes

W Gore
Pride of Aintree LOL 757 (Liverpool)

William Jones, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers

The Ivy LOL 783 (Liverpool)

W Woodward, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Physhian, King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Johnson, Inniskilling Fusiliers

C Lacey, Royal Field Artillery

S Brown, Royal Field Artillery

A Pattie, Royal Garrison Artillery

H Clayton, Royal Garrison Artillery

S Mooney, Royal Naval Reserve

W Rhodes, Royal Naval Reserve

J Gregson, RFR
Pride of the North LOL 841 (Liverpool)

Thomas Taft, Durham Light Infantry

Earl of Derby LOL 846 (Liverpool)

Ernest Smith, 43rd Field Ambulance, RAMC

The Everett LOL 108 (Liverpool)

Thomas H Jones, 3rd Battalion, Liverpool Pals

Albert Coslett, 4th Battalion, Liverpool Pals

William Woods, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Alfred Humphries, Wiltshire Regiment

George Gilbert, 6th Rifles Ter.

Thomas H Forshaw, Army Service Corps

Albert Caryl, Queen’s Boys

Edward W Bessant, National Reserve

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