The Orange Order in World War I

Martin Luther LOL 477 (Preston)

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Martin Luther LOL 477 (Preston)

Richard Webb, 2nd West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery

Norman Allison

Robert Bradshaw

John Billington

Robert Baron

Fred Bannister

William Clithero

Norman Haydock

Thomas Livesey

Thomas Mather

Albert McIver

George Morris

John Nuttall

Jas Osbaldeston

William Parker

Albert Robinson

James Ryding

Gordon Snape

James Snape

Harold Seed

Lord Nelson LOL 160 (Ince)

H Butler

J Eaves

George Henry Gaskell

William Hodson

James Judd
King William LOL 194 (New Springs, Wigan)

Dr Joseph Carroll, Army Medical Corps

Pride of Standish LOL 161 (Standish near Wigan)

Alfred Arstall, Coldstream Guards

James Brown, Lancashire Fusiliers

Richard Mason, Lancashire Fusiliers

John Barlow, 14th Manchesters

Charles Fairhurst, 14th Manchesters

Walter Syner, 14th Manchesters

John Bentham, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Winstanley, Loyal North Lancashire

Richard Winstanley, Royal Field Artillery

Robert Leigh, Royal Field Artillery
Loyal Triumphant LOL 37 (Ashton-in-Makerfield)

G W Littler, 3rd Border Regiment

A L Jackson, 10th Border Regiment

G Monks, KRR

F Hope, Lancashire Hussar Yeomanry

Bryce Ogden

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