The Orange Order in World War I

The Pioneer LOL 697 (Buckley)

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The Pioneer LOL 697 (Buckley)

Ross H Jones, Royal Field Artillery

William Jones, Royal Field Artillery
Sons of Touchstone LOL 849 (St Helens)

Samuel Martin, 5th South Lancashires

Henry Martin, 5th South Lancashires

Richard Glover, 5th South Lancashires

Thomas Cathcart, 5th South Lancashires

Edward Hamilton, RASC

Enniskillen’s Glory LOL 538 (St Helens)

George Packworth, 5th South Lancashires

John Henry Evens, Royal Engineers

Albert Dutton, Royal Engineers

John Lawrence, St Helens Territorials

Harrison James Litherland, National Reserve

Duke Schomberg LOL 486 (Wallasey)

A Howley, King’s Liverpool Regiment

D Work, RAMC

W J Taylor, ASC

H Wakelam
Seacombe’s Pride LOL 831 (Wallasey)

William Roddick

J Benson

S Thomas

William Rimmer

H Haigh

M McGewvan
Pride of Poulton LOL 835 (Wallasey)

William W Fidler, 1st Cheshire

Harry Williams, 1st Cheshire

Thomas Rentoul, 4th Cheshire

George Barrow, 4th Cheshire

James Pritchard, 11th Cheshires

Oliver Harding, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Ronald W Giles, Denbighshire Hussars

J A Saly, Denbighshire Hussars

John McKee, Royal Field Artillery

Isaac Keeley, Royal Garrison Artillery

William Ashley, Royal Garrison Artillery

Samuel Preston, Army Service Corps

William Simpson, Army Service Corps

James Pulford, Royal Navy

Lawrence Malcolm, Royal Navy

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