The Odyssey movie pitch project

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E2SH-03 / E2H-02 / Ms. O’Connell The Odyssey MOVIE PITCH Project

Pappy’s People

Ashley Ortiz

Cinthia Gutierrez

Aleksandra Reyfman

Omar Mendoza
The Bona-fides

Jevon Horsford

Tacheya Harris

Rifat Dumani

Frank Shearon
The Trojans

Desiree Davis

Tasina Berkey

Sara Mirza

Muhammad Nisar
The Sea Nymphs

Joseph Ibrahim

Nancy Miranda

Sandra Sauza

Amanda Sorrenti
The Spartans

Dino Casalino

Kenny Bree

Anthony Bonaventura

Annamaria Belfiore
The Scylla Killas

Daoud Othman

David Margolis

Vlad Tsalko

The Lotus Eaters

Michael Bernstein

Amanda DeLaCruz

David Gouda

Kenneth Velazquez
AJ and the Sirens

Anna Samborska

Natalie Lewis

Jessica Gromyko

Anthony Pascarella


Group MOVIE PITCH Project: Due Tuesday, May 4th

Task: As a group, you will take on the glitz and glam of Hollywood and pitch an idea for a movie based on the epic poem The Odyssey. Your pitch will take the form of a creative power-point project.

Logistics: If you do not have MS power-point or something comparable on your computer, you have several options. You can create your slide(s) as a word processing document and email them to a group member who does have power- point, or you can work in the library during your lunch. Be creative to overcome any obstacles.

Your pitch should include:

  • An opening image and tagline for the movie. This is SHORT, because it would go on a movie poster. O Brother, Where Art Thou’s tagline was Sometimes, you have to lose your way to get back home.

  • Your plot described in three acts.

    • Act 1 ends when the major problem of the film presents itself.

    • Act 2 ends when the hero has set out to fix the problem, struggled, then figured it out…until an even bigger bomb drops, taking your hero as low or lower than he was in Act 1.

    • Act 3 is the end, when the hero uses what he’s learned during the film to ultimately solve the problem and put his life back in order.

  • Suggestions for actors and actresses to play the characters. There should be at least five suggestions, from living actors or entertainers.

  • Elements from The Odyssey, changed creatively into something new. Use O Brother, Where Art Thou as an inspiration.

  • A live presentation of the power-point, done persuasively and enthusiastically by one or all of the group members.

The work should be evenly distributed among the group members.

Download 32.3 Kb.

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