The Nun’s Priest’s Tale

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The Nun’s Priest’s Tale

Many years ago, there was a poor widow, who lived with her two daughters. She had a cook called Chantecleer, who lived in her farmyard with seven hens. His favourite wife was Lady Pertelot. All morning the two birds sang a love–song together. One day Chantecleer had a nightmare where a fox wanted to eat him. The cock was afraid because he thought that the dream might come true. But Pertelot said that dreams couldn’t come true. Then, Chantecleer forgot the dream and flew down in to the yard with Pertelot to sing the love-song, when suddenly a fox appeared. The fox with deceit caught the cock by the neck and ran off towards the forest. Chantecleer was afraid but with a great idea deceived the fox and he was saved. That story teaches us that dreams might come true.

Comprehension and Opinion

How much did you understand?


  1. What animals and birds did the widow have?

  2. What did Chantecleer dream about?

  3. What did Pertelot and Chantecleer disagree about?

  4. Why did the fox come to the farmyard?

  5. What happened when Chantecleer closed his eyes to sing?

  6. What happened when the fox opened his mouth to speak?


  1. The widow have three pigs, three cows, a sheep, a cock and seven hens.

  2. Chantecleer dreamt about a terrible monster who wanted killed him.

  3. They disagree about the important of dreams.

  4. Because the fox wanted to catch and ate the cock.

  5. The fox caught him by the neck and ran off towards the forest.

  6. Chantecleer flew up to tree’s branches.

What do you think

Do dreams come true?

Yes, I think that sometimes dreams can be true.

Does all the bad luck in the world come from women?

Definitely not.

Does the story teach us anything?

Yes it does, it teaches us that dreams can be true.

The Dream of Drowning

Complete the sentences:

  1. Chantecleer told Pertelot some more stories about dreams.

  2. Two merchants wanted to cross the sea to France.

  3. The waited in the port until the wind was right.

  4. One of the travellers was worried because he had a strange dream.

  5. He wanted to delay the journey.

  6. His friend said that he wasn’t afraid of a dream.

  7. The friend decided to go to France and become rich.

  8. But during the journey there was a sudden accident.

  9. The ship sank and every one was drowned.

  10. If Pertelot knew more history she wouldn’t laugh of Chantecleer’s dreams.

Complete using the verbs below the sentences:

D. Pertelot had loved Chantecleer since she was a young chick.

E. One morning, Chantecleer told his wife he had had a terrible dream.

  1. After he had recovered from the shock of the dream, he walked around the farmyard.

  1. The fox told Chantecleer that he had come to the farmyard to hear

him sing.

  1. But when Chantecleer had closed his eye to sing, the fox seized him.

I. Everyone wanted to catch the fox who had stolen Chantecleer.

C. The fox stopped running when he had reached the forest.

F. The cock flew up in to the trees after the fox had opened his


  1. After the priest had told his tale, the Host thanked him.

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