The Night Spectacular Jerusalem Lights the Night

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The Night Spectacular - Jerusalem Lights the Night”

Spectacular sound and light show at the Tower of David Museum

The Night Spectacular continues to draw crowds throughout the winter in Jerusalem –

nearly 1,000,000 come to see the sound and light show from near and far.
The technical aspects of The Night Spectacular are truly outstanding. Film projection techniques including those of trompe l'oeil together with sophisticated media screening that requires 4 advanced computer systems which operate 20 projectors, 10 video players, 10 video servers, 14 speakers and use 10 km of different types of cable together with two projection rooms. "The Night Spectacular - Jerusalem Lights the Night" is being heralded as the flagship night show not only for Jerusalem but for Israel as a whole as cutting edge technology is housed in the ancient citadel of the Old City of Jerusalem.

As the sun sets in Jerusalem and dusk embraces the stones of the Citadel, the story of Jerusalem unfolds in a majestic blaze of breathtaking images, characters and sounds that are projected onto the walls, archeological ruins and hidden pathways of the citadel, completely enveloping the visitor in a multi-sensory experience.

The show is produced and orchestrated by the Skertzo group from France, a unique production company in Paris that specializes in technical productions in historic sites. They have also produced sound and light shows for the exterior of the Assemblée Nationale celebrating the French presidency of the European Union and in the Château de Chambord amongst others. Grappling with the immense subject matter of the history of Jerusalem, their aim was to cover the Citadel, from the tops of its towers and turrets to the bottom of the historic walls with images that would portray the rich and colorful heritage of the city.

The show, composed of motifs connected to the history of the city, its significance and its spirit, is a dynamic collage which changes our perceptions of time and place The entire performance is accompanied by an original musical soundtrack written for The Night Spectacular by Etienne Perruchon, who is respected for his wide range of original soundtracks for film and television.

Since The Night Spectacular opened in October 2008, it has received vast international media coverage, from The Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, USA Today and ABC News to local newspapers of smaller towns in the US and Canada, from Taiwan News to the Jordan Times.

The Night Spectacular has been written about with headlines such as "Flashes of History in Jerusalem" Washington Post, "Jerusalem light show offers modern look at ancient history", USA Today, "Ancient Jerusalem Fortress comes alive in new show" International Herald Tribune to local papers acclaiming that the "Tower of David shows perfect snapshot of Jerusalem's past ", Hartford Courant.

"A new outdoor sound and light show called "The Night Spectacular" offers a virtual-reality experience that shouldn't be missed… The dramatic computer- generated scenes cover every inch of the walls, towers and turrets, surrounding you with images that can make you gasp." Washington Post
The Tower of David Museum is considered a central cultural institution in Jerusalem and Israel. Its home is a site of exceptional beauty, one that holds layer upon layer of architecture from so many different time periods. Within the Citadel’s walls, the Museum initiates and undertakes projects that try to add additional dimensions to the usual museum experience.
The Night Spectacular completes a daytime visit to the Tower of David Museum whereby a visitor may walk through the permanent exhibition at leisure discovering the history of Jerusalem and see breathtaking views of Jerusalem from the tops of the turrets and towers. January 2015
“The Night Spectacular” has been assisted by the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Tourism, the Israel Government Office of Tourism and The Jerusalem Foundation.
International Public Relations. Caroline Shapiro . Tel: 972 544909277 .

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