The New Imperialism

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European History / Section ____


Chapter 24

The New Imperialism

I. A Western Dominated World

  1. What is Imperialism

  2. Motives for the New Imperialism – Why did European Imperialism grow in the late 1800’s?

    1. Economic Interests

    2. Political and Military Interests

    3. Humanitarian and religious goals

    4. Social Darwinism

  3. Success of Western Imperialism

    1. Weakness of North Western States

    2. Western Advantages

        1. Medicine

        2. Machine gun

    3. Resistance

    4. Criticism at home

  4. Forms of Imperial Control – How did the Europeans rule their overseas empire?

    1. Colony

        1. direct rule

        2. indirect rule

    2. Protectorates

    3. Spheres of Influence

II. The Partition of Africa

  1. Africa in the Early 1800’s – What forces were shaping Africa before 1880?

    1. The diverse land

        1. North Africa

        2. West Africa

        3. East Africa

        4. Southern Africa

        5. The Slave Trade

  1. European Contacts Increase

    1. Impact of the Slave Trade

    2. Explorers

      1. Mungo park

      2. Richard Burton

    3. Missionaries

    4. Livingstone

  2. The Scramble for Africa – Which European countries carved up Africa?

    1. Berlin Conference – What is its significance?

    2. Horrors in the Congo

    3. French Expansion

    4. Britain takes its share

    5. Others join the scramble

  3. Africans Resist Imperialism – How did Africans resist European Imperialism?

    1. Ethiopia survives – How did Ethiopia maintain its independence?

      1. Menelik II

    2. New African Elite

III. European Challenges the Muslim World

  1. Stresses in the Muslim World – What problems did the Ottoman Empire face?

    1. Major empires in decline

      1. Ottoman

      2. Mughal

      3. Safavids

2.Islamic reform movements

    1. European Imperialism

  1. Problems for the Ottoman Empire

    1. Nationalist Revolts

    2. European Pressure

    3. Efforts to Westernize

    4. Young Turks

    5. Massacre of Armenians

  2. Egypt Seeks to Modernize – How did Egypt seek to modernize?

    1. Muhammad Ali

    2. The Suez Canal

    3. British Protectorate

  3. Iran and the Western Powers – Why did Iran become a focus of European Interest?

IV. The British Take Over India

  1. The East India Company and Sepoy Rebellion – What were the goals of the British East India Company?

    1. Exploiting Indian Diversity

    2. British policies – What policies did the British government pursue in India after 1858?

    3. Causes of Discontent

    4. Rebellion and Aftermath

  1. British Colonial Rule

    1. An unequal partnership

    2. Population and Famine

    3. Benefits of British Rule

  2. Different Views on Culture

    1. Indian Attitudes

    2. Western Attitudes

  3. Indian Nationalism – How did Indians resist British Rule? How did British Rule lead to Indian Nationalism?

    1. Indian National Congress

    2. Muslim League

V. China and the New ImperialismHow was Britain’s push into China linked to British Imperialism in India?

  1. The Trade Issue – What rights did Westerners seek in China?

    • Balance of Trade

    • Trade Deficit

1. The Opium War

2. Unequal treaties

  1. Internal Pressures – How did internal problems weaken China?

1. The Taiping Rebellion

2. Effects

  1. Reform Efforts – What were the goals of the Chinese reformers?

1. The self-strengthening movement

2. War with Japan

3. Spheres of Influence

4. Hundred Days of Reform

D. Qing Dynasty Falls

  1. Boxer Uprising

  2. Aftermath

  3. Three Principles of the People

  4. Birth of a republic


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