The neighbourhood of Rec returns to pulsate with fashion, music and cuisine From 4-7 November, Rec. 0 returns to Igualada, Southern Europe's most unique pop up store festival, with specials sales on stocks from more than 70 brands and

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Press Release
The neighbourhood of Rec returns to pulsate with fashion, music and cuisine
From 4-7 November, Rec.0 returns to Igualada, Southern Europe's most unique pop up store festival, with specials sales on stocks from more than 70 brands and designers, together with food trucks and concerts.
We're now in the thirteenth edition of a fashion festival which started as a retail experiment and which now has prestigious fashion labels such as Adidas, Desigual, Levi’s, Sita Murt, Pepe Jeans, Mango, Lacoste, Lupo Barcelona, and seventy others. With these brands, Rec.0 converts the old tanneries into stylish pop up stores.
The industrial neighbourhood of Rec d’Igualada is the stage for the Rec.0 Experimental Stores, which has once again returned with novelties. This November is the unveiling of the Urban Village, which will include the more urban fashions by Adidas, Loreak Mendian, Two Thirds, Costalamel, Visual Poetry Barcelona and Dütch Delight, to name just a few of the brands selling their stocks ramp side, along with DJ sessions, food trucks and a bar from the event's official sponsor, Estrella Damm. This space will also unveil the Urban Pop Up, a new ephemeral space which will have a different urban fashion label each day, such as Kaotiko Barcelona, WAU, Gas Monkey Garage and WeSC.
Brands such as Franklin&Marshall, Nudie Jeans, Pepe Jeans Kids, Miss Me, Punto Blanco, Javier Simorra, LTB Jeans, Antonio Miró, Misako, Redskins, New Zealand Auckland, Dockers, Boxley, Ingrid Munt, Catherine Parra, Messcalino, Textura with clothes and shoes by Kickers, Satorisan and Kupuri, have returned to the Rec neighbourhood this edition, among others. Indi&Cold and Torras have also joined. For the first time, Rec.0 will have a pop up store dedicated to Privalia's Secret Market. The online world and the street come together in a very special pop up event, made up of the stocks from different fashion and accessory labels.
The more alternative designs will be in the designers' market, with vintage dresses by SusiSweetDress, and fashion by Txell Miras, Josep Abril, Miriam Ponsa, Who, Gorni Kramer, Jordi Rafart, Toni Francesc, Veneno en la Piel and the winning designer from the Time Out competition, Marta Huerta. The other epicentre of today's emerging fashion is the Rec Pop Up Day Estrella Damm, which will have a different designer or brand each day. This edition has luxury guests like Gypsy Truck with Lebor Gabala, Xisqueta, Colmillo de Morsa and Martitoro.
Buff, Grifone, Tsunami and Fox Head continue to be the leading brands in the Rec.0 sports area, which will be next to RecKIDS this year, with Canada House, yporqué, Piu et Nau, Molo, Little Lia by Beth, Little Creative Factory, Mon Marcel, Micu Micu, Al agua patos and Mamadú.
Rec Street Food Festival

Rec.0 is strolling, shopping and... eating. Rec Street Food is formed by around thirty carefully selected food trucks. Each food truck contributes novel cuisine, together forming a highly attractive gourmet option.

Music will also share the stage during Rec.012

The cultural offer which goes side by side with the pop up stores is one of Rec.0's successes. This edition is backed with more music by Beth, XY, Carosones, Karol Green and Santi Careta, and InnerCut, among others, who will perform across the three Estrella Damm stages. The Movistar concert, which promotes more indie style music, will be performed by Mujeres. What's more, Rec.0 also schedules DJ sessions, hip hop choreography, children's workshops and talks, including the presentation of 813, the latest book by the illustrator Paula Bonet, who will be there, and the latest book by Jair Domínguez, 99 personatges que has de conèixer per entendre el món (99 Celebrities that you have to know to understand the world), who will be in Rec.0 with the journalist Quim Morales. Rec Meeting returns once again this edition, this time under the topic of “Ideas for old neighbourhoods”.

One of the new aspects for this edition is the mobile APP for iPhone and Android which has been updated with geolocation tools to improve the visitors' shopping experience in Rec.0.
Rec.0 Experimental Stores communicates through its website ( and social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


4, 5, 6 and 7 November

From 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Rec Neighbourhood/ Igualada

938829413/ 647624586

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