The national anti-corruption strategy

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In addition to achieving objectives of the Strategy that impose certain obligations, and considering that public authorities will be solely responsible for the Strategy, the Strategy also lists specific recommendations referring to public authorities as well as to the private and civil sector, and enhances their actions according to listed measures. Bearing in mind that recommendations are not binding in their nature, their execution/non-execution is not envisaged to be obligation of public authorities, particularly not of the entities from the private and civil sectors. Therefore, the Strategy recommends the following:

  1. Journalists Associations should improve:

- The Code of Ethics of Serbian Journalists in the part referring to gifts and conflict of interest, as well as to improve application of the Code and familiarize journalists with its provisions;

- Education of journalists about the corruption issue for the purposes of avoiding journalistic sensationalism and further rising of public awareness of dangers and harmful effects of corruption, and about the need for anti-corruption actions.

  1. Adopt acts with the media that definite handling of gifts and the issue of conflict of interest of journalists and editors;

  1. Promote and support anti-corruption, and as part of this:

  • Media and professional support;

  • Anti-corruption education;

  • Establishing an annual award for contribution to the fight against corruption “Verica Barać” in the following categories: citizen, civil servant, member of a profession, scientist, entrepreneur and journalist.

4. Encourage establishment of postgraduate specialist and PhD studies that will address various anti-corruption aspects.

5. Encourage active cooperation and partnership between holders of anti-corruption measures and civil society organizations through activities such as round tables, printing of publications and promotional materials about dangers and harmful effects of corruption, and anti-corruption measures.


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