The national anti-corruption strategy

Ensure continuous education about corruption and anti-corruption methods

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4.4. Ensure continuous education about corruption and anti-corruption methods.
Regarding the field of education in the judiciary, progress has been made in the way that the Judicial Academy included education on criminal offenses related to corruption in its annual training program for judicial and prosecutorial staff. In recent years, education of civil servants on corruption and ways of combating corruption has been carried out more often. However, it is necessary to establish continuous education particularly emphasizing the issues of ethics, integrity, recognizing situations of conflict of interest, rights of whistleblowers, etc. It is necessary to direct anti-corruption education on raising awareness of all citizens that corruption is socially unacceptable behavior that needs to be eradicated. Since exchange of experience is an important part of good quality education, it is necessary to establish or improve international cooperation and transfer of knowledge in the field of anti-corruption. Creating and increasing intolerance to corruption in the public opinion is a long-term objective which implies organizing campaigns for raising awareness about harmfulness of corruption, promotion of ethical behavior, training and professional development.

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