The mystery of a labyrinth Marin Liović, b

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The mystery of a labyrinth

Marin Liović, 8.b

One hundred years after the famous death of Romeo and Juliet another story happened on enormous mountains of Alps in the 17th century. There were two nations. First nation, the eastern nation, was called “The Phoenix”. People of The Phoenix were smart and invincible. They were almost immortal. The legend says that one day in the past, a magnificent phoenix flew over their nation and blessed them by giving them a feather. The feather was big, shiny and it was colored in red. It was a symbol of their nation. So that is the reason why this nation received such a name. People of the other nation were brave and they always wanted to fight. Their legend says that a dragon went out from the underground world to take over the Earth. Then a phoenix came (who was the ruler of Earth) and they started a fight. The fight was fierce. Phoenix was attacking the dragon with fire and dragon was fighting with its claws. While fighting, the claw of the dragon fell on the ground. They both lost. Phoenix went back to its nest and dragon went underground. That claw symbolized bravery and strength. So the other nation, the western nation, was called “The Dragon Claw”. In “The Phoenix” there were many families, but the rulling family was called The PFs (The PFs stands for “The Phoenix Feathers”). Father of this family was called Alex, his wife was called Jennifer and they had two daughters and one son. Daughters’ names were Elizabeth and Sarah and son’s name was Aang. Aang was a handsome young boy who had brown hair, brown eyes and he loved to paint. He was always painting a girl from his dreams. The girl was called Selena. She had brown hair, dark brown eyes and she loved to sing and play music. She appeared every night last five years in his dreams and always telling him to come to her nation. But when he came to the doors of her nation he woke up. He wanted to paint her face and her body to always remember her look. In the “The Dragon Claw” there was a rulling family called The DCF (The DCF stands for “The Dragon Claw Family”). The head of the DCF was called Arthur and his wife’s name was Ann. They had an only child that they loved very much and they were ready to give their lives for her health. She was called Selena. Aang appeared in Selena’s dreams. She was always writing songs about Aang and singing them. “The Phoenix” and “The Dragon Claw” were arch enemies. Between those two nations there was a big hill called “The Hill of Love”. They have fought every time at midnight on a full moon. If one of the nations came late, the other nation started to shoot guns. One night when the moon was full, two nations began fighting. Aang didn’t want to fight so he went behind the enormous rock. So did Selena. That was love at first sight. When Aang saw Selena’s face, time stopped. The noise of the fight disappeared. At the moment they saw each other they knew that they are a perfect couple. They hugged. Suddenly large doors on “The Hill of Love” opened. They went in. As soon as they saw that the roads are closed to branch they knew that they were in a labyrinth. They have hugged more strongly. Crystals on the ceiling of this magnificent and powerful love lit. They just continued to walk. Crystal light led them to the center of the labyrinth. When they came to the end of these shinning lights, a great door appeared in front of them. At that door they saw a painting of two people kissing. They’ve decided that they will kiss. They kissed. The crystal's brightness was stronger and stronger, the walls started shaking. Suddenly the doors opened. In side of the great door there were flares that have already been set on fire and there was a big old stone slab on which was carved:

“True love makes the way, If you love you won’t pay, The bill of darkness and death, Don’t worry, love will find the right path!”

When they saw that inscription they knew that they’ve been born to be together. They went out the same way they as they have came in. The fight was almost over and they’ve hugged for good bye. Aang said to Selena: “I will see you on the next full moon”. They said good bye to each other and they’ve ran to their nations. “The Phoenix” and “The Dragon Claw” have both lost such as the loss of the magnificent phoenix and the mighty dragon. Since then every thirty days when the moon was full and when the two nations had to fight, they went behind an enormous rock in the labyrinth and they’ve explored new labels and their love grew bigger and bigger. But one day, on 7th August, when the moon was full Selena didn’t appear behind the enormous rock. Aang was sad and angry so he somehow created an earthquake that shook entire Alps. He ran to “The Dragon Claw” and broke the door. He was moving in the speed of light to the castle of the DCF family and he saw Selena’s parents crying. He looked behind them and he saw Selena peacefully lying death in her bed. She killed herself because she couldn’t take that much pressure of the two nations fighting. Aang went home in his room, made the gallows and hanged himself because he had so much pain in his hearth. That was just too much for him. He died. Both nations cried because of the death of two lovers. Suddenly earthquake attacked the Alps again. The dragon went out from the underground world and the phoenix came from its nest. The phoenix went to the “The Dragon Claw” to get Selena’s body and the dragon went to “The Phoenix” to get Aang’s body. They put them in the centre of the labyrinth and they buried their innocent bodies. Their souls flew in the sky along with the dragon and the phoenix and the four of them merged into a single heart-shaped crystal. That crystal was a symbol of their love. Nations made peace and they were merged into one nation called “The Alpine Love”. Perhaps this story is true and maybe not. It’s your decision will you believe me. But I’m saying to you this once, so listen carefully: “True love always wins”

The End

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