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Intercession in tongues for TB case

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18. Intercession in tongues for TB case.

664-91 Here some time ago. The last time I spoke with tongues, as I can remember, was... I was... It's been about three or four years ago. I was in Illinois, and Billy come after me for--to go to a--the prayer line up at Zion City, And I was burdened on my heart, and I knelt down and started to pray. And while I was praying, I--I heard Billy come up and knock at the door. And I said, "Billy I--I can't go now." And he went out there and set down.

And I was praying, my heart so burdened; I--I couldn't go to church like that. And see, usually sometimes He gives me a vision show me something's going to happen, but He didn't do it then. And I was just praying away in the room there, and I heard someone talking. I quit praying. I listened, and there's somebody at the door, they was... Sounded like a foreign language, like German or Low Dutch, or something; it was so fast, chattery. I listened again, and I thought, "Well, somebody's come up there talking to that motel man in German; maybe he'll answer him back."

And I just quit praying, leaning over a chair like this, listening, and he just kept on talking. I thought, "Well, wonder why there's somebody don't answer back." And I listened; I thought, "Well now, isn't that strange."

There was a weight scales down the road, and I heared that fellow down there hollering, "Drive off." you know, and0, "Drive on." I turned around, looked out that way, and I did, I felt of my mouth... Come to find out, I was the one doing the talking. It was me. And I just kept real still, not knowing not one thing. I had no more control of what I was saying than nothing, knowed not one thing I was saying, not a thing. I just... My mouth was moving; I was speaking some kind of a language. I just held real still. After while it quit. And when it quit, oh my, I felt like I could scream out; I just--just so happy. I don't know why, but the burden all left me.

So I went on to the church then, called Billy. And when I got to the church... Mr. Baxter then was the manager of the meeting. And he was a--been singing, waiting. I was over half-hour late. And I told him that I was just late.

And--and he seen I'd been weeping, and he said, "What's the matter?"

And I said, "Nothing." And I went on and just about ten minutes, a woman come in at the back of the auditorium, and she was about to take the place back there. And when we checked up with the woman, to find out, she was on her road from Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis, somewhere, one of those cities), the... She was so bad with TB to the--the ambulance would not dare to bring her, her lungs were in such a condition, just gel. And so a couple of brethren got an old Chevrolet car, and took the back seat out, and fixed her a cot in there some way, or bed, and laid her on it, and was bringing her to the meeting. She wanted to come.

The doctors had give her up. And on the road over... They told her the least little bump, she'll go into a hemorrhage, and that's it. And she went into a hemorrhage. And they had taken her out and had laid her on a grass plat. And the saints were standing there praying over the woman. And she was just... Every time she'd breathe, just gurgling, the blood would blow out of her mouth, like that.

And all of a sudden, she was instantly healed. And she jumped up from there and started rejoicing, come on to the church. And there she was back there testifying, back in the back.

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