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Vision of Doctor Adair’s clinic

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17. Vision of Doctor Adair’s clinic.

E-22 The doctor walked into my house, and he said... My wife come, said, "Dr. Adair's in--out there on the porch, wants to see you." And I had a group of people in the room. I said, "Put him in the den room." I knew it was something. I went out. I said, "What's the matter, doctor?"

He told me. And he was trying to buy... Said, "Billy, do think this city ought to have a clinic?"

I said, "Every city ought to have a clinic."

He said, "It ought to have a good doctor?"

I said, "Every city."

Said, "Do you think that I'd be counted a worthy doctor?"

I said, "I--I don't see who else would be any more worthy." I said, "You're sympathetic."

He said, "Most of my practice are poor people, Billy." Said, "I don't go to church as much as I should." But said, "They come in, if they need surgery," said, "I give it to them, don't even charge them for it. You know that." Said, "That's--that's just the way I serve God."

I said, "Well, that's not the correct way of doing it, but that's good; that's good." And I said, "The way you have to do is be borned again to serve God."

And he said, "Well, I come to ask you a question." Said, "I read in the Bible where they used to come and ask people different things, if they was consulting." Said, "I've got a problem." And he told me about where he wanted to put up a clinic, and he couldn't get that place; that woman wouldn't let him have it at all.

I said, "Let's pray." So we got down and prayed.

He said, "There's not another place in the city that I could put it." And it was down in a very--a bad district. I don't--seem like it shouldn't be there. While I was a praying, I seen another place on Wall and Market. In the vision I seen a--a--a red brick clinic setting there. So, after prayer, I said, "Dr. Adair, forget about that down there. This big lot over here on the corner of Wall and Maple is right in the best spot of the city. The Lord gives you that."

He said, "Billy," Said, "Son," said, "I've just chase that through court for the last six weeks." Said, "That can't be touched for twenty-five years." Said, "It's sewed up in some heirs in Boston or somewhere up there, and," said, "it cannot be touched for twenty-five years."

I said, "Dr. Adair, He's just told me it's yours. And you're going to have a red brick clinic setting there.'"

He said, "Son," said, "I--I don't see how that can happen."

And I said, "Well, He just said so."

"Well," said it, "I just come from the court case of it, two days ago." He said, "It can't be touched." Said, "There's no need of trying it."

I said, "Well, just don't argue with me; just go believe what I've told you, 'cause the Lord has give it to you."

E-24 The next morning, the phone rang and he called me up. He said, "Billy, I'm freezing to death."

I said, "What's the matter with you?"

He said, "Chills are running all through me." Said, "They had a meeting in Boston last night, and put the lot up, and I've already bought it already this morning." And tonight, that's been about a--a eight months ago, and there's a big fine medical clinic setting on the same place, built out of red brick and just the way the Lord showed it.

Yesterday, after leaving, or day before yesterday after leaving there, I was in there talking to him, and we was rehearsing it over, he said, "Billy, I've told it to a thousands of people that's come back and forth through here." Of what God did for him that night.

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