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duPlesis, Justine and David

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14. duPlesis, Justine and David.

E-18 And so, then, after we got back up there... What's that duPlessis' name, not David? [A man says, "Justus."--Ed.] Justus. Justus duPlessis which was one of the smartest man there is in South Africa, to my opinion, and a real Christian gentleman. He was one of the sponsors of the meeting, on the internation--on the national committee.

15. Predestination, foreknowledge, election and free will agency. [Jude 1:4, Ephesians 1:5 & 11]

E-15 (…) And to you Christian people, coming in tonight, people setting around the town, the power of Jesus Christ moving around, empty seats setting here in the auditorium. "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." See? There they are; they're unconcerned. They've had so much of embalming fluid injected into them till they can't... Well, they were predestinated to be that way. That choked you, didn't it? But that's the truth. I can prove it by the Bible. That men are predestinated to be lost.

Jude, about the 4th chap--4th verse of Jude, said,

"Men of old, foreordained to this condemnation, that turned the grace of our Lord into lasciviousness."

Correctly. Foreordained of old to this condemnation, God foreordained it to them; like Pharaoh, Judas Iscariot, and many of them. Don't tramp on God's property. If God's give you a tug at your heart's door, be the most thankful person there is in this building tonight, to know that God's give you the privilege to come into His Kingdom, and knocked at your heart's door, and sought you out. You might be one of them out there, that's on the outside of the Kingdom tonight.

E-18 Now, last evening, and the evening before, we taken Abraham... Now, as a little background so we can go right straight to the point, get the prayer line started. And now... And tomorrow night, maybe, the Lord willing, we want to begin a new subject and run it through Sunday. Notice.

Abraham... What was it now? God called Abraham because he was a good man? No. God called Abraham by election. God elects people. And over in--in the Book of Ephesians the 1st chapter and about the 5th verse, Paul states the word "predestinated" us to the adoption of sons. Now, that doesn't mean that God just puts you in a little channel and runs you through, and you can't help if you--how you go, when you--you... Would be no reward. But God gives you the free moral agency to make your choice, but God will keep His believer.

And "predestination" is a hard word among a congregation of people, because predestination... Really "foreknowledge" is a better word. And predestination looks back to foreknowledge, and foreknowledge looks on to destiny. That God, being infinite, in the beginning knew the end from the beginning, therefore He knew what people would do, so He could foretell what would take place, for He knew what would be. Therefore He... Before Esau or Jacob, either one was born, God could say, "Esau I've hated, and Jacob I've loved," because He foreknew what they could be. He never made Esau the way he was. He wasn't willing that Esau would be that way, but Esau, by choice, God knew would take that way. So that's how He knows us today. He knows your heart. And if... You might be able to fool your neighbor; you might be able to fool your pastor; but you'll never be able to fool God, 'cause He knows your heart.


E-14 And the Old Testament prophet would rise in the Spirit, and go way up, and would see things that were coming to pass. And Ezekiel was one of God's eagles, His prophet. And he would go way off, and he could see far off, and even seen all the way down to our age now. About twenty-five hundred years away he could see, as he raised up in the Spirit of God. And he seen the day that we're living in, and that's why he could write it. And we can watch it as it comes to pass. What the Bible prophets has said, every Word will be fulfilled. Sometimes we... It's hard for us to believe it, but God will do it anyhow, because it's His Word. And He--He's all wisdom; He's infinite; He understands; He knows just what was and what will be. Therefore, He could predestinate to make everything work for His good.

Now, a man's on the basis of free moral--free moral agency. And he cannot... God could not take a man and say, "Now, I'm going to make you do this. I'm going to make you be--to be a lost man. I'm going to make you be a saved man." That wouldn't be the nature of God. No. He's not willing that any should perish, but He wants all to repent. But if He was... Being infinite as He is, He knew from the beginning who would perish and who would not perish, because He knew what would be. Now, He's not willing that it would be that way; He want's all to come back to Him, but He knows who will and who won't. So therefore, He could by foreknowledge, He can make everything work right according to His plan. Oh, aren't you happy for a Father like that?

Just think, of everyone of you in here today that's got your name on the Lamb's Book of Life, you never put it there; and your preacher never put it there; neither your church put it there; but God put it there. And when did God do it? It's written in the Blood of the Lamb. How many believes that? There isn't enough ink remover, or whatever it is, in the world to get it out of there. Look. God put your name on the Book of Life at the foundation of the world, the Bible said. We're just nothing. You never had nothing to do with it; I never had nothing to do with it; God, Himself, did it at the foundation of the world when He slew the Lamb. By foreknowledge He knew that Christ would be here, and He was called the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world. And the beast will deceive all that dwells upon the earth whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the world.


75 We find out over there in--in--in, I believe, it's in I Thessalonians, He said, "He has predestinated us to the adoption of children by Jesus Christ." God, not saying "I'll choose you, and don't choose you," but His foreknowledge knowed what you would do. So by foreknowledge He can set in order, and He's made everything to work for His good and for your good.

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