The mysteries

Anointed ones. [1 Chronicles 16:16-22, Psalms 105:8-15]

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11. Anointed One means Christ.

12. Anointed ones. [1 Chronicles 16:16-22, Psalms 105:8-15]


Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

JOHN 14:20

At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

E-18 How many read the book of that maniac, down there, when he ran on the platform, here at Portland, Oregon, you remember? What if It wouldn't have been there then? I'd have been a corpse. What about over here at Zion, Illinois, down here in Harlington, Texas and the different places, where It's come face-to-face with death itself, right out in the public. There, Almighty God, set His hand down, and strike them down.

Be careful. "Touch not Mine anointed." Not me, no, my brother, that isn't it. The anointed One is the One that comes down from above. I'm from the earth, earthly. But He's from above, heavenly.

E-52 (…) But now, dear Christians, I'm still receiving letters of criticism because of weakness. I can't help it. Honest, I can't. It's something that the Lord Jesus does. And do you know if He be... Christ was God. Do you know that? What is the Word "Christ?" Means "the Anointed one." And God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. Do you believe that? Well, if just a--a virtue would go from Him, the immortal Son of God, what would it do to a poor lost sinner, saved by grace, like me? See? So I... But on next time, coming to Chicago, it'll be different meeting.


E-12 And Christ... The mind of Christ is to be in the church. And the mind of God was in Christ. And how that the Spirit led Christ, so ought His Spirit lead the church. And all that God was He poured into Christ; and all Christ was He poured into the church. So the church has the power that Christ had. Christ had the power that God had. He said, "At that day you'll know that I am in the Father, the Father in Me; I in you and you in Me." You'll find out that God dwells in His church, in His people. The Lord willing, Sunday I want to speak on that, or tomorrow night of how God dwells with His people.


E-27 3 Nicodemus well expressed it when he came by night and he said, "Good Master, we know that Thou art a teacher come from God." Amen. They couldn't hide it. "We know that You're a teacher come from God, for no man can do the things that You do, the works that You do, 'less God was with him."

They realized that He was approved of God, anointed of God. He was God's Servant. The church had to recognize it though they hated Him. They called Him a devil; they tried to find all kinds of excuses. But when it come to face the facts, they believed that He was the anointed One. But they thought more of their tradition than they did the anointing of God.

E-48 Now, if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He doesn't change, then He'll have to act in His Church, then...

Now, how many knows that Christ is the Spirit of God? We all know that. He's the anointed One. Jesus was the anointed. There's where people who believe that there's three or four different Gods, get all mixed up. See? God is a Spirit. Jesus was the body that the Spirit of God dwelled in, made Him Emmanuel, God, tabernacled on earth. He was God. Jesus Christ was God, yet He was the Son of God. His flesh was the Son of God 'cause God created it, but inside He was God. "It's not Me," said Jesus, "does the works, it's My Father that dwelleth in Me. And that day you'll know that I'm in the Father, the Father in Me, I in you, and you in Me." There you are.

205 Looky here today, what they're going on now. Hollering at me about spending some money out yonder for Christians, and wanting to give me twenty years in the state prison for spending money to operate a religious move. And whiskey and beer and cigarettes write off tens of millions of dollars a year to corrupt the nation. And me trying to preach righteousness, standing in the door of Jesus Christ, and send me to the penitentiary for it. And take stuff like that of the evil, lowdown, smart, intelligence, and let them write it off for television programs which corrupted the world, sent women to the dogs. One of the greatest curses the nation's ever had, and they get by with it. They send me to penitentiary for preaching the Gospel taking a few dollars out here to--to preach the Gospel, that people give me to preach the Gospel with. I'm not rich, and I can't write that out. But yet they want to send me to the penitentiary, hold me two years, and got a trial coming soon. Oh, how lowdown, how filthy. God, be merciful.

206 I'll say this one thing; maybe that's the way God's got before He sends an atomic bomb. You have to do something wrong, you know. You have to touch His anointed one time, for this same Scripture, lest that... "Touch not My elected." That's right. So if it has to take that to bring judgment, like it did in the days of Daniel or somewhere else, let it come. I'm You're servant, Lord. That's right. Oh, yes.

E-37 Now, you see, Jesus had proven to God that He'd been the right kind of Son. And God took Him up on the top of the mountain, brought witnesses out there--heavenly witnesses and earthly witnesses--and He clothed Him in immortality. When they looked up, they said, "His garments shined like the sun." A supernatural something taken place. His garments glistened like the sun in its middle of the day, as white as they could be. God placed on Him that robe of immortality, showing that He had received Him.

That's the thing that God will do to His sons here on earth some day. He will call you aside, Church, if you'll only obey Him and stay on the Word and believe it. And He will place into the Church, before the coming of Jesus Christ... He will place into the Church... All the powers that Christ had in Him will be in the Church. All that God was, He poured into Jesus; all that Jesus was, He pours into the Church. God wanting His work done, He sent it into His Son; the Son wanting the work done, sent it into the Church. "At that day you'll know that I'm in the Father, the Father in Me, and I in you, and you in Me." At that day, because the same power of God, was in Jehovah God, rested in Jesus Christ. The same power that rested in Jesus Christ, rests in the placed sons in the body of Christ.

E-43 You know the devil always looked in to find out what He was. One day they said, "If He's the Messiah, He will--He will certainly do some strange signs."

He said, "If Thou be the Son of God, turn these stones into bread." Messiah's a miracle worker. He is yet. He's always been. Certainly. The "Messiah" was "anointed One."

The anointed one today is the Messiahic Church, this Church, this Church of the new born. This church has come through the water ("Faith cometh by hearing."), through the blood (cleansed life), through the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the anointed One, the Messiahic church. Glory. Why? Messiah Church will have signs of the Messiah in it! Sure, because it's the Messiahic Church. It is the Church of the Messiah. Amen. Bbbbbbb! That makes me feel as good as that fellow did awhile ago. Yes, sir. A Messiahic Church with a Messiahic power, with Messiahic signs (Amen. There you are.) There's where you have fellowship. Oh, there's nothing like it. It's perfect.


E-22 Then when God was made flesh and became the Messiah, then if we can yield ourselves to be the anointed like He was, we become Messiahettes, little Lights. That's what the church is supposed to be: lights, little anointed ones. That's God's church.

His standing Light is the Light of Messiah, risen Christ in His people, the anointed ones, carrying forth His Light into all the church ages. Sometimes It almost goes completely out; then It comes back again. God's anointed One, God's Messiahic church... If Messiah means "the anointed One," and means "King," then if the church is anointed by the Messiah Spirit, it becomes a lesser but still a Messiah; because it has His Light, reflecting His power, reflecting His glory, reflecting His dominion. So it is Messiah. Oh, how it reflects Him in His Kingdom in His domain.

E-39 (…) Like all the other Gospels begin, we find Him at His birth, and we know how mysterious that was--that He was the Son of God, the very Seed of the woman promised in the garden of Eden. And then we find out that at the age of thirty He was baptized in the river of Jordan by John the Baptist.

And when He was baptized, going straightway out of the water, we find that the Holy Spirit, God, like in a form of a dove, coming from heaven in a voice, saying, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell." And the right translation of that, "Who I am pleased to dwell in," 'cause God was in Christ.

E-40 And now, when He came down upon Him He become the Anointed One, the Messiah. We find out then temptation, into the wilderness. And immediately returning from His temptation He went about healing the sick, casting out devils, setting the people at liberty.


E-61 No, sir. Papa Eagle, they look just like Him, they believe the same thing He does. They look like Him. Yes, sir. They're made like Him. They're built like Him, and He knows they're genuine eagles. Oh, my. That's what God wants, a genuine Messiahette. Yes.

He is Messiah. "Messiah" is "the Anointed One." And we are His children, which have a lesser anointing. So we're... As Jehovah Eagle is, great Eagle, and we're eaglets; He's Messiah, and we with the same anointing are Messiahettes. Amen. Anointed, "Messiah" means "the Anointed One." Are you anointed? Amen. What with? The same Spirit that He was anointed with. We have it in measure; He has It without measure. He was God manifest in the flesh, and we're sons of God, parts of Him, come on. Yes, sir. "The very works that I do shall you do also."

30 Christ, when He was on earth, was the body of God. God created this body. It was a different body, yet it was a human body. You know, Solomon built Him a house. But Stephen said, "Howbeit the Most High don't dwell in houses made with hands, but a body has Thou prepared Me." Now, God prepared Himself a body in the form of the Lord Jesus, which was the Christ, meaning the anointed One. And now, all that God was, was in Christ; He was the Fullness of the godhead bodily. That's what the Scripture says. Now, and all that God was, He poured out in Christ. He was Emmanuel, God with us.

And all that Christ was, He poured out into the Church. What is it? Anointed one to continue His work, that His Word might live constantly. He lived by the Word of the Father. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God." And the Church don't live by bread alone, but by the Word of Christ. And the Holy Spirit comes in and takes the Word of Christ and makes It a living action today. "These signs shall follow them that believe."

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