The mysteries

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8. Two spirits.

E-57 Now, and then, if your spirit is willing... But if you have a spirit of unbelief, then It can't bless you. See? It'll just tell you; It might tell you what's wrong or something, send you on. But if you'll believe and these two spirits can get together... See? It's a battle.

Here's a demon crying, begging, pleading, and like that, and here's the Spirit of God standing here looking at it. Now, it just depends on way our spirits is running. I believe. If I can get you to believe what I said is the truth, then something's going to happen. See? It has to happen. You understand what I mean.

E-45 And I said, "You fundamentalist, you preach the Blood. You preach it just as clear as it can be preached. You preach Jesus Christ, the great evangelical fundamentals. You preach the birth, the death, the burial, the resurrection, the second coming, clear." I said, "That's fine. I appreciate that. But you don't go far enough."

And he said, "Why?"

I said, "The Bible spoke of you. And on the days," I said, "remember, our troubles my brother, sister, I'm telling you now, is not coming from communism, and the outside world, it's right on the inside of us. The antichrist is a religious spirit. It started in seed back yonder, in Genesis, through Cain. Cain offered the same kind of a sacrifice. He knelt down and he prayed. He done everything religious that Abel done. Yes, sir. And Jesus said, "The two spirits in the last days would be so close it would deceive the very elect, if possible." Is that right?

And watch what Paul said, "The Spirit speaks expressingly that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith," on went ahead telling them what they'd be: "heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God."

Where I'm... A place I was talking to a man today, said that the fish bait was so good to be sold on Sunday, that they'd line up up-and-down there. Said, "A preacher come out to buy some bait." He said, "I thought you was going to... had to have Sunday school." Said, "I got another man to preach for me," and said, "my Sunday school. And I thought I would go fishing." He said, "I thought at least a preacher would be honest." Condemned the old boy, and went back and preached Sunday school: a sinner. Oh, my! There you are: Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. They'll go to Sunday school on Sunday morning, and to a bioscope, or a movie on the afternoon: Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. "Truce breakers, false accusers, and despisers of those that are good (calling them holy-rollers), having a form of godliness (preaching the Blood, preaching the sacrifice, preaching all the fundamentals of the Scripture), but denying the power thereof."

E-47 The power of what? The Gospel. They preach the Gospel but deny the power. Paul said, "The Gospel come to us, not in Word only, but through power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost." There you are.

"Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."


E-32 Showed the whole gates of hell will be against It, but it wouldn't prevail. Spiritual revealed truth in the phenomenal... That's the reason people look and try to be so fundamental with the Word today, can't understand great signs and wonders. Because it hasn't been revealed to man yet. It is being now.

There, when the... In there Abel offered his sacrifice, and then we see there, coming up in the beginning, two spirits, one on Abel, one on Cain, both of them religious, both of them at the altar, both of them confessing, both of them believing on God. But one had the vision; the other one did not.

Now, God takes His man but never His Spirit. He took Elijah, but the Spirit of Elijah come upon Elisha. Then It come upon John the Baptist, and promised again in the last days. He taken His Son Christ Jesus; the Holy Ghost come back and been with the Church ever since. Men go, men go, but the Spirit will remain here until Jesus comes. That's right.

E-33 The devil takes his man but never the spirit. It come upon Cain; it come all down through the ages in the Pharisee's, and plumb down into this day in religious teachers. This ain't blanchy milk. Look, my brother, there's Cain... If we're going to say fundamental, Cain was just as fundamental as Abel was. If believing on God, worshipping God, belonging to church, making sacrifice... He was just as fundamental in his belief as Abel was.

But Abel had a vision from the Lord; it was spiritual revealed truth that it wasn't apples that brought them out of the garden of Eden. Certainly it wasn't. It was blood that brought him from the garden of Eden. Life, lays in the blood stream, not in apples. And he had a recompense to it. He believed God, because God had revealed it to him.

And notice, that religious spirit become angry with this religious spirit and persecuted him and absolutely slew him. Is that right? I begin to feel religious. Look, brother, you know Baptists shout too, sometime, when they get the Holy Ghost.

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