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5. Teaching on Healing [Cancers, etc.]

201 And the only thing that kept me from being saved when I was twelve years old, because a spirit hung over me, a devil, saying, "Wait a little while longer." That's the reason you wasn't saved when you become the age of accountability. A spirit, you got with a crowd, and that hovered over you and kept hanging over you. You wanted to do right. But there's not a man that's got his right mind but what wants to do right, but there's something won't let you do right. Is that right? That's the devil. Hallelujah. Christ paid your healing and your salvation.

Now, here it is. You get ready. He commissioned His Church to cast them devils out. There you are. "In My Name they shall cast out devils. You ain't going to heal nobody, but you're going to cast the devil away from them so they can accept the healing I've already done." That's right.

Preachers stood on the platform and preached the Gospel, devils scatter. The man come to the altar under conviction, say, "I want to get saved." He never saved the man; he cast out the devil (That's right.), and the man got saved. He come, accepted his salvation.

The same thing by Divine healing. You sick people here this morning, believe that, and have been born again, and are sons and daughters of God, Christ has already healed you. The only thing keeps you from being well this morning is a spirit hanging over you that won't fully let you go out yonder and believe God's promise that He's done it. That's right.

Now, that's my commission. That's what God gave me; it's what He give every Gospel preacher who'll believe Him: the power and authority to break that spirit. I believe with all my heart that every demon power that's in here at this minute is already broken. I do. I believe there's every sick person in here right now feels a lot different. If that's right, raise up your hand, you who was sick. See there. You, what's the matter? That devil has broke away from you. He has to. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word." Jesus Christ died for you.


74 Notice, but any man that claims that he's a healer, he's a storyteller, 'cause he can't do it. For the Bible said, "I'm the Lord Who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases."

I've been to studies. And in my room, the--some of the best of doctors across the nations has come. You don't know the back of a life, friend, to know what's been, and things I don't tell out in public. Men come secretly, and don't you think there ain't a lot of Nicodemuses yet in the world; it sure is, thousands of them. They look on that and come in the meeting, set there with a t-shirt on, something another like that, with polished names that you'd be surprised, set right in the meeting. In a few days slip around and call in by secretly, and send someone in for an interview. And set right there and say, "Brother Branham, I believe that's the truth." They're human just same as we are. Sure, and every man's desire, and they look beyond that dark veil yonder he has to go through someday.

But them cancers and things are absolutely devils enformed in a body of flesh, moving up, taking your life.

Now, if I would do like the doctor, if I could cut it off, lay it on the ground... Or, just like say for instance, you was a cancer yourself on this earth. Now, here's Divine healing. If I wanted to get rid of you in the way of the doctor's way, I'd just keep have to rub your body or something another till it just all vanished off the earth. There wouldn't be no more of it, just like the doctor takes the growth off of you. But in the form of Divine healing, if you was a cancer, I'd just call your life out of you and you'd go on. Your life would leave you, but your body would be here just the same as it was.

Now, there's where sight and time is God's worst enemy in Divine healing. I don't know whether Brother Baxter ever gets to these things in meeting. I set down, explained it to him and Brother Bosworth over and over. But here's what's happened. I doubt whether many of the people get it, because after while you begin to find the people coming back, saying, "I had my healing, Brother Branham, for two or three days, but bless God it--it left me." I find it. I think it's because they don't set the meeting right. The people don't understand. I've had men to come to the platform and be totally blind, cancers or cataracts over their eyes, and read this Bible after being prayed for, walk down, in three or four days be just as blind as they was in the first place. What happened? Anyone knows that when the life has gone out of any flesh, it shrinks for a while. Is that right?

79 Anybody ever, here, kill a deer or a cow, or anything like that? Sure. All right. You weigh it tonight, you hunters out here, friends of mine. You kill the deer and you throw him on the scale, tell the boys how much he weighs. Watch out. In the morning he's going to be several pounds lighter than what he was. When a human being dies, the undertaker, the first thing, takes the false teeth or an eye, whatever it is in there, takes it out, because it shrinks, it'll push out, because the human body shrinks. Every other flesh shrinks. When the Life's gone out of the cell it begins to move down and shrink. It'll do that for about seventy-two hours. And then it'll start swelling. Let a little dog get run over out here on the road. Let him lay out there in the sun for about three days, and watch what happens, he's a bigger dog than he ever was. Just swells up. Is that right?

Well, that's the same thing takes place when a--a demon is cast out of a sick person. The first few days, "Oh, I feel wonderful." Then begin to say, "I'm--I'm sicker than I--than I ever was. I've lost my healing." Just as sure as faith took it out, unbelief brings it right back again. As faith kills it, unbelief resurrects it. Jesus said, "When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man, he walks in dry places and he returns back with seven other devils. And if the good man of the house isn't standing there to protect that door, he will come right on in. And the good man of your house is your faith, say, "Stay away." That's it.

But now you watch a patient that's healed, and ordinarily--'less it's an outstanding miracle. Which, Divine healing and a miracle is two different things. Divine healing is one thing and a miracle's another thing. But an ordinary run of Divine healing, when the unclean spirit's cast out, a cancer devil, when it leaves the person, oh... Now, or say we'll take something so you can see more visual. I'll say the cataract. What happened when that man... If you'll notice a blind person. I don't know whether I've ever had any here or not, yet, cataract eyes... I'll let them stand for a few minutes. Why? So that that shrinkage begins to take place. Tell them to come back, give us a testimony. Oh, my. They can see wonderful. "Oh, my. Just, I can see things. Yes. I..." What's the matter. Life is gone. The body of the cataract is shrinking. Well, it'll do that way for a couple days. Say, "Oh, I'm getting so well."

And after while they begin to get a headache. Don't feel so good. Get up the next morning, "I'm losing my sight again."

Some of them said, "Uh-huh, he just was worked up; that bunch of holy-rollers got you worked up." Don't you believe that. That's a lie of the devil. If you believe that, you'll go right back blind again. But if you'll just hold on, say, "No, Lord, I believe."

Then what happens? That body swells for so long. It covers over that sight again. That cancer in the body will swell. You'll become hurting and aching again. Then you'll get horribly sick, terribly sick. Why? That big growth of dead flesh in you is laying there, dead.

You go back to the doctor and he will say, "Oh, that's nonsense. There's a cancer right there. I can see it." Sure, it's there, but it's dead. Hallelujah.

Now, the bloodstream has to purify the body. Every time the heart pumps, it throws the blood around the body, and it picks up that infection. Sure, it'll make you sick. What if you had a chunk of meat hanging in you somewhere, or long as a snake, or something big around as your finger, and hanging in there, and it was dead, that much dead meat hanging in you, and it's rottening? Well, of course, your bloodstream has to keep that pure, as it pumps through. But there's a dead body, the thing hanging there, because the life is gone from it. The power of God through faith drove it out. He's a demon; he has to leave.

But the reason, the people's not instructed; they go away, and give up, and that same devil's standing right there to take over again. When God tells you anything on this platform through His Spirit, when you under inspiration, don't you doubt that, or a worse thing will come upon you, He said. For Jesus said, "The last estate of that man was seven times worse than it was at the first place." Is that right? When the unclean spirit went out of a man, he walked around in dry places, come back with seven other devils. So don't you disbelieve, stay right with It. Mean It from your heart. Say, "No, sir. I'll not be moved. No matter how sick I get, that doesn't have nothing to do with it." Then the first thing you know, you'll be getting cleared up. Everything will be all right then. See, it's dead. The--the operation that the doctor would've taken from you, that same growth is laying in you with no life in it.

88 You say, "Life in it, Brother Branham, will it take my life?" No, sir. That life is a separate life from yours. I've just showed you that you are a life and become a being, and it's a life and becomes a being. And you're of God, and it's of the devil. You see what I mean? Demonology. Now, you ought to see what that thing looks like when you stand and look at it.

Oh, my, I'm sorry, it's almost three-thirty. I'm sorry. Look, friends. Oh, what this world needs.

I've been about seven years teaching across America, having these healing services. I just got a good notion, starting back across the country teaching the Bible and on demonology, how the people can understand what to do. And that's the reason they go to these meetings a lot of times and fellow... If you don't understand, the people come out... And many times... Now, remember, that fellow that come and said he had a gift of Divine healing... The gift of Divine healing was in you if you got healed. It's you, the one. Any gift operates by faith. And no matter how much gift of Divine healing I got, I believe it with all my heart. But you could stand here and, if you haven't got the same kind of faith, it don't do you no good. I could pray for you for hours and weeks and months. It isn't the preachers with the Divine healing; it's you that's got the gift of Divine healing, that believes in being healed, 'cause it's by faith. By faith... Every operation of God is by faith.

The whole armor of God is by faith. We haven't got one natural thing of this world. Everything of the Christian church is a faith act. Look at the armor of God, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience. Is that right? Everything's supernatural, nothing natural. So we don't look at the things natural, because we're operating supernatural.

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