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Mark 16:17-18 not inspired

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3. Mark 16:17-18 not inspired.

[Mother healed and son saying part of Mark 16: is not inspired.]


174 A boy went away not long ago to a certain seminary to learn a whole lot of stuff he oughtn't to have learned. So his old mother got sick. One of her neighbors belonged to a Full Gospel church; they brought the pastor home. Said, "Let me bring the pastor up here and pray for you." Said, "He's a good, righteous man, and he believes in God," said, "let him come pray for you."

So she said, "All right."

The doctor couldn't do nothing for her, so the young man come up there, the pastor, and prayed for the elderly woman, and laid his hands on her according to James, or according to Mark 16, "They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." He come up and laid his hands upon the--the woman. A few days, she was up and going about her work, was well.

When her son returned home from the college, why, he was so happy, you know, and he said he seen his mother so happy, said, "How you been getting along, mother?"

Said, "Just fine." Said, "Oh, son, I forgot to tell you something." Said, "While you was away these four years," said, "I got sick. And you know Mrs. So-and-so over here belongs to that Full Gospel church?" Said, "Her pastor come up and laid hands on me according to Mark 16, and I got well." Said, "The doctors couldn't do nothing for me when I had that sick spell." Said, "That's how I got well."

He said, "Well, mother, I want to inform you something." Said, "'Course away to college we learn this." Said, "The last nine verses of Mark 16 isn't inspired." Said, "That was put in there by the Vatican." Said, "There's no history that says that that Word in there is inspired."

And the little woman said, "Praise God. Praise God."

He said, "What's the matter with you, mother?"

She said, "If God could heal me with Words that isn't inspired, what could He do with that that is inspired?"...?... There you are. "If He could do that with uninspired Word, what would He do with that that is inspired?"


12 Now, this Scripture that I have just read, Mark the 16th chapter, even Doctor Scofield here says, "From the 9th verse on is not found in two of the oldest manuscripts." It's commonly believed among people, that our teachers today who want to believe it that way, that it's been injected in there by the Vatican.

But I find that Irenaeus and many of the early writers refer to Mark 16. As you other people who study history, Bible history, know that them early apostles, and even after Jesus' death, and when Polycarp, and Irenaeus, and Saint Martin, and Saint Columba, and all of those, referred back to this Mark 16. So it must've been authentic, or they would've never referred to it. And Saint John was the one who set the epistles together, and Polycarp was a bosom friend and help him to do it, according to the history.

Now, we find out that today they don't believe that. They are trying to get away from the reality of God being real, instead just of a declaration or a creed. The real God, this chapter would prove it to be, and every proof that they can get.

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