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1. Brother Branham off field for six months with African ameba

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1. Brother Branham off field for six months with African ameba. [Vision of India and Africa meetings.]


There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

E-52 And then when they brought me home, I suffered. I suffered with it. When a little doctor, lives across, Doctor Sam Adair to me... I spoke to him about it. He said, "Billy, that thing can kill you in ten hours." Said, "Gets in the blood stream. If it goes to the liver, you die, or goes to your liver, it'll burst. If they can drain you, you live. If it goes to the heart or to the brain, it kills you... If finishes you in ten hours. You take a real heavy fever and you're done": African ameba. It's a... It's not a bacteria; it's a--it's a parasite, like little barnacles that gets into the intestinal tract, and comes from the Indians. And they stick right in there and suck the blood, or the mucus out of the tracts, until they bury themself. There's no medicine can touch them hardly. They haven't got a treatment, hardly... And then on and on, and worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, I got and on and on, and on and on. And now, you wonder why I've been out in meetings for eight months. And Brother Bosworth, here's another thing. I speak this in the Name of the Lord. When I stood at Shreveport, Louisiana, God knows I'm saying this.

I said, "Satan has a trap set for me," when I prophesied under the Spirit. Then I said, "In Africa, there's something. You all pray for me." Little did I know that it was among my brethren. But there was a trap. And then when we left there, the colored south, I said, "If I'm taking this, but we'll probably be out of meetings between six months and a year." You remember saying that, Brother Bosworth? Is that right? Seven months has passed, this is going in the eighth since the meeting.

A dysentery, couldn't hardly stand up, so sick. I'd pray. I'd pray. I'd walk the floor and I'd cry. I'd pray. I'd walk the floor. And I'd cry. And people would come. There come Hyman Appleman friends, and all them; they leaned across the table and said, "Brother Branham, this ministry," said, "we've been to the schools, but we believe the teachers are wrong." Said, "We want to know the supernatural." And here I was so sick and trembling myself, I couldn't hardly move.

I went down to see Brother Bosworth; we knelt and had prayer, and so forth. Nothing, looked like God had shut the heavens up. I walked back and forth across the floor. And seemed like He'd say, "Now, the next time you'll listen." For months after months, and finally, Dr. Sam come over to where I was one night; we was sitting there talking. He said, "I want you to pray for a certain fellow, down here, Billy, that's got a... He's a neurotic. He set in my office, started talking." He said, "What about the ameba, how's things getting along?"

I said, "Oh, it's... Told him the symptoms of it; and he said, "Oh, Billy. My boy." He said, "You... There isn't nothing can touch it now. It's gone."

I said, "Oh, my." I said, "God have mercy, have mercy." I walked the floor.

And one night, when coming back across the seas, I said to Brother Bosworth; I said, he said, "Oh, Brother Branham," he put his arms around me, said, "I'm so proud of you, my boy." Brother Bosworth.

I said, "I have fought a good fight, Brother Bosworth. I'm forty years old." I said, "My, I guess she's all over now."

Said, "Forty years old," said, "I was your age 'fore I got converted. Boy, you're just starting." Like that.

And I just begin to think like that, you know. And then, that night I was laying there on the bed, and I said. I sit in a room to myself, with a little... my little girl, my little five year old girl. My wife was in the next room. There'd been people there all day.

Now, as I close, here's what taken place. Write this down. Remember this. Keep it in your mind. As it was prophesied, Brother Upshaw, and you all over in Finland, when you seen the resurrection of the little boy, and so forth, knowed about that when you was told. I want you to put this down also.

E-56 I was laying there one morning about three o'clock in the morning. And I was thinking, "Oh, what will be my future? What will be the outcome?" And while I was laying there, I fell into a trance. And here come One walking to me. Oh, my. I looked at Him. He walked straight to me, stern. "As thou was thinking of what would be your future..."

I said, "Yes."

He grabbed up a piece of paper; it was like that, and folded them like typewriter paper, like that, held it out like this, and He stood beside me like that, and swirled them like that, they went plumb up into the heavens. And He said, "Your future is clear."

When I come out of it, I said, "O God, I wanted to talk You so much." He never comes but one time, one at a time. I said, "Lord, I was wanting to talk You so much. If Thy servant has found favor in Your sight, will You return again, great Holy Spirit to me again?" And then I felt It coming. "Whew."

And as I went that time, I seen Him walk to me, He said, "You've been fearing about that ameba condition."

I said, "Yes. Will it ever leave me and bother me any more?"

He said, "Never no more." That settled it.

Then He come again. He said, "You've been thinking on these things, about how you should conduct your meeting, and them telling you about other man who conducts their meeting." Said, "You do just as I lead you to do. Whatever meeting, let it provide for itself."

Then just then, He taken me out in the Spirit. Listen, Brother Jackson, you never heard this, none of the rest have. And He set me down at Durban, South Africa, in that same booth, standing there before those tens of thousands, and thousands of people there. And I looked and I seen all that meeting gather together, and fade off to my right. Geographically, I was standing this way. And it faded to the left going this way, turning blue. And then right before me, stood blocked off streets like that, with people standing there, with their hands up praising God. Then He turned me to the east, and looked that way. And I seen people standing there with clouts, like on, like the Indians wear. And there were thousands of them, and they had their hands up air, just a praising God and screaming and praising God. And I couldn't even see the end of them. And just about that time, come a great Angel from heaven, and stood be--over the top of me here, with a big Light. And that Light like on the end of one of these here operating lights on the front of a--of a big locomotive, and begin to throw. And the hillsides were sitting black and standing with people for a mile away nearly.

And I said, "Oh, are they all black people?" Then He turned my face here in front of me, to Durban again, and there was beautiful white men and women, standing with their hands up in the air, praising God. Then He turned me back again, and the great Light started going way back over the hills and showing. Then the Angel drew near. And I heard Him scream with a Voice, that shook me from the vision. Said, "There'll be three hundred thousand of them in that meeting. THUS SAITH THE LORD mark it in your book." I come out of it. I said, "My Lord and my God. Thanks be to You. I appreciate the stripes and the whipping that You give me for disobeying You. But from this on, Lord, knowingly, if I ever know again, I will never tie myself up with a bunch of nobody else preachers, managers, or no one else, but what I will be free to do what You say do. And I will go just where You say go, and do just what You say do the rest of my life. And I will always try to do just as You say do." And about that time, here He come again. And I seen my Bible rise off the table, and come over to me like this. It was turned over to the place where Paul, in the storm, said, "You should have listened to Me, and not have loosed from Crete, but nevertheless, the Angel of the Lord Who stood by me, and so forth..."

E-60 Then He turned right back to Joshua the 1st chapter, and a finger placed on there said, "No man shall stand before you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so will I be with you." And reading it right on down through the lines, there come back, it said, "Only be strong and very courageous."

I come to myself. And I said, "My God." My body was weak, I'd been under It for about three hours. Just then a little wee knock come at the door. It was my beloved wife coming with a baby on her arm; she said, "Bill, something has happened."

I said, "What's the matter?"

She said, "At three o'clock this morning the baby woke up, and I started to come in," never before in our life, she said, "and Something stopped me there at the door, before I come through the hall, and said, 'Don't go in there. A vision's going on that cannot be interrupted.'" Oh, amazing grace.

I said, "Yes, honey." And I told her, and I grabbed my Bible, and wrote it all out on the flyleaf, so I'd be sure to know it, like that, and got it out like that.

E-61 We went on out to breakfast, and here come my mother-in-law, very staunch Christian. She said, "What's happened up here this morning?" Said, "I got up and started to wash the dishes," and said, "a Voice spoke to me and said, 'Go up to Billy's right away.'"

And I said, "Sister Broy, the Angel of the Lord has appeared to me and told me, 'Forget about the ameba. It's going to be all right. And I'm going to have a meeting that's going to consist of three hundred thousand people.' And God," I said, "my ministry is just now beginning." I said, "I want to base it; I want to tear that thing out from where it was, and get rid of all these here leaches, and things a hanging on, so I can get to the people and tell them what's the truth." And that's right. I said, "I'm tired of this and the man-made stuff anyhow. And I'm going to be where God can use me. I'm going to live right in that channel, as long as I live."

I went down there and they called me up, the man did, said, "You better come on down and pick up these canceled checks on account of the income." Said, "You got to make out a return, which I don't have very much to pay: seven dollar and fifty cents." But I had to go down and pick up the canceled checks.

As I started back through the bank, I saw all them fellows was hollering, "Hello, Brother Branham. Hello, Brother Branham," the tellers. And as I started back through, Something said to me, "Stop."

And I felt Something lay on my shoulder. And I thought, "Oh, I just imagined that." You know, started on. I thought, "No. No. There's something wrong. Who is looking at me now?" I looked around. I didn't see anybody. I thought, "Lord, You're near. What's happened?"

And I seen little Bobby...?... over there, looking down like that. And Something said, "Go over and talk to him."

I said, "How are you, Bobby?"

He said, "Just fine, Brother Branham, I guess."

I said, "Look like you're sad this morning."

He said, "Brother Branham, look." He said, "All my people nearly has died with cancer." He said, "I... Just as sure as the world I got it." He said, "I'm bleeding through the bowels and everything." Said, "You know the funniest thing happened, Brother Branham, being that you're standing here." He said, "This morning at three o'clock, I woke up in the room," and said, "there was a Voice said to me, 'See Billy Branham, today.'"

I had a hold of his hands; I said, "Bobby, everything has been going like that this morning." I told him about it. That's been about two or three months ago. I met him again the other day; he said, "Brother Branham, I haven't had a bleeding from that day since." He said, "I've been healed since that day," a teller in the bank. Three confirmations, it shall come to pass. Remember that.

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