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12. Plan of Creation. [Genesis 1 & John 1]

46 And God in the beginning made His first man. He made him out of spirit. And spirit is the invisible part of man that you don't see. Now, God made man in His Own image. Are you listening to me? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right. God made man in His Own image. "And God is a Spirit," says the Bible. And the first man that was made had the government over all the creation, just like the Holy Spirit has government over the Church today. He led the creation. He led the animals.

But there was no man to till the soil, so God made man out of dust of the earth. And that man, He might have give him a hands like a monkey; He might have give him feet like a bear. Whatever He did, He just throwed it together and made a man. But this man, He put this immortal spirit that never dies into this man, and he become more than a brute, he became a man.

E-14 Now, let's take back a--a hundred billion years ago, and then take back a hundred billion years before that. And just keep on going back.

Here not long ago, I was in California. There's an observatory. They have a glass there. And they can see a hundred and twenty million years of light space when I...?... How fast light travels. And beyond that is still space. That's where we're hanging in that tonight.

But let's think of before there ever was anything, there was God. He was in the beginning. And let's see Him, and picture Him out there in--in space. That's Jehovah we're speaking of. And watch how the trinity of God comes to man just for a moment.

And there, that great space where no one can fathom in their mind beyond that, that space, eternity. That's Jehovah God out there. And we're taught in the beginning, that the Logos, or the Son of God went out of God.

Now, I do not believe in eternal sonship. That's even radical to even mention such a thing, eternal sonship. How... He had a eternal sonship...?... way, it's even eternal sonship, how could He be a Son? He had to have a beginning. See?

So He first was God, Jehovah. And out of Him... Let's just picture now as a little drama so you can get it. Let's see coming out of space where there's nothing, let's make it a little white Light, like a mystic Light, like a Halo. And that was the Logos that went out of God in the beginning. That was the Son of God that came out of the bosom of the Father. That was what was in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us. In the beginning was God. And then out of God came the Logos, a part of God that went out of God.

Let's notice this. Now, I have to make this before going back into it, just like a little picture drama here for you a moment, in order to get one point to you, Who... What is in our midst tonight.

And in there... Now, see, this is just like a child playing before the door. It was the Son of God, the Logos. And I can see Him out there, and He spake, and said, "Let there be light." And there was nothing. But there was something happened, and an atom turned there and begin to whirl around this a way. The sun begin to come into existence, because He said, "Let there be." There's the authority.

Where did He make it from? I don't know. There was nothing to make it from. But He believed His own Word, and there was light. I can see a piece fly off of that; it's a meteor. After a few million years, or a hundred billions of years, if you want to call it, and it circled way out. I see Him standing there watching it. And it falls down in here. He stops it after falls a few million years, and let it hang there in orbit. Here's another one flying off the sun. It goes over here and hangs down, stops it there.

E-18 What's He doing? Writing His first Bible. Notice, the human beings once looked towards the heavens. And He puts all the stars in the heavens, the zodiac, starting off with the Virgin, ending up with Leo the Lion. First coming of Christ, the second coming. Came by the Virgin, come again as the Lion of the tribe of Juda. There He puts the first Bible.

Oh, back in the days of--ancient days, they looked at those things. Today, He's got His Bible wrote here. But He wrote It in the heavens, that man would look up and realize that Jehovah the Creator lived above. And then I can see Him, He looked at that...

I can see Him speak to this world hanging there as an icicle, whatever it was, way away. And He moved it over here. I can see this little Light go out. Now, we got two now. The Father, and out of the Father came the Light, the Son. And I can see that Light moving over here and pulled the earth over near the sun to dry it off. And begin to...?... raise the water up, separating the land, earth from the water, and so forth.

Then He begin to create. And He made the fishes of the sea, the vegetable life. Put the cattles on the hill. It all looked good to Him.

Then He said, "Let us make man in Our own image, after Our likeness." Is that right? All right. So He made a man. God was Spirit; he had to be a spirit man made in His image. He put him here on the earth to lead the animal life and so forth, like the Holy Spirit should be leading the Church today. That was man.

Then when He put him... There's no man to till the soil, and He put him in five senses. There's where scientists could...?... They're fearful, mixed up. He might've give him a hand like a monkey and a foot like a bear, and whatever He wanted to, but He put His Spirit in him, and made him a soul. There's the difference. We're not coming from any animal life. No, sir. We're not at any senses of animal life. God made us. That's right.

Then however, notice. Then he was here on the earth, and He gave him a helpmate, and so forth. He had blessed fellowship with his Father, speaking.

E-20 And then, we're going to make this second man... The first man, you can't see him. God... second man was a halo. And now He takes a third man and makes him like a little white cloud, coming over, we can see him; Holy Spirit coming down. And he's all man. That's the soul of man, eternal then.

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